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Has anybody exercised the optional deferral when they were contacted to configure their car? I'm curious if the deferral sends you all the way to the back of the line, or if you get slotted in at some approximate time in the future? The contract just says "to a later position to be determined by us" — but I figured there might be some real-world information on it by now.

(Or do Signatures not get to defer? I guess deferral on a Sig doesn't make much sense.)

According to my rep when I configured, a deferral on my sig reservation would mean a downgrade to production, at a spot in line similar to whatever production reservation numbers were up for grabs at the time that I got my sig spot.

Hmm okay, that makes some sense for the Sigs. So I guess we just have to wait and see what happens for production deferrals when it comes up.

I remember seeing somewhere that it was a one-time six month period of time.

I was S658, i deferred to get my color choice, green, and i'm not 4068. which i was told was my p number when i first paid my deposit.

@Azdcmoney Are you close to your original number?

I deferred S576 over a week ago and have not yet been given a P#. "My Tesla" page states "downgrade initiated"'s been like that for about a week. I just wanted to give TM a little more time to iron out the minor issues currently under discussion, as I'm currently about a 9 hr drive from their nearest service center and didn't want to deal with the hassle of retrofitting a $100K+ car. I also didn't feel that the Signature "premium" provided enough value added for a similarly configured production performance vehicle.

If it really is a 6-month deferral, then 6 months at this point is essentially back of the line.

Yes, it really is an up to six months one time deferral. It says so right in the form that you read when you make your reservation.

I was a P then upgraded Tia Sig then downgraded to my original P#

@jbherman a sad +1 (in every sense)

I was sig 577 and dropped down to production for largely similar reasons. I am close to a tesla store but I also greatly prefer the the GP green over any of the sig colors. if i felt there was anything truly unique about the sig i would have kept it but all i saw was 2nd choice colors, an incomplete interior and extra cost (okay early delivery too but at this price the right car is more important than an early car) .

Looks like about 30% of the original sigs deferred which is a sad reflection on the sig value proposition. Obviously as a group (deferrals), we want Tesla to succeed and believe in EVs. Lots of folks left their deposit with tesla for 1 year plus and are now being displaced by people who pay the premium purely to jump the line. I wouldn't have bothered paying the sig deposit if I knew then what I know today.

Absolutely looking forward to the GP though and really want Tesla to succeed. Note that my tesla page says the same thing as yours as of today.

I am thinking of deferring. I also want Tesla to succeed but I need them to sort out quality issues with the fit and finish of the interior and I also want to know their timeline on adaptive cruise control. At $100k+ I expect the car to be at a quality and feature level befitting this price class of car.

So, how much are you willing to pay extra for electric drive? Zero? If you are above that, then it comes from sacrificing something else.

How about adopting the "Live and let live" attitude rather than the "holier than thou" attitude. People get so caught up in the "Tesla Frenzy" that they neglect to realize that 100K is a lot of money. We are paying for the battery and styling--granted, but, some of the things people want are already offered standard in other cars without having to pay more again. The Leaf is offered at $20,000 with tax credit and you can have 100 miles of range. The S has so much more to offer, but spending $80,000 more should get you quite a bit. Other companies offer features that people have come to expect. Prior to writing, I checked the Kia website just for kicks. They have a refrigerated glove box, similar pano roof, zenon headlights, heated side mirrors, etc. etc. Yes, it's got an gas engine along with electric, but it, too, is in the $20,000 range. Let's get off the "high horse" and allow other people their opinions without slamming them at every turn!

+1 bsimoes.

bsimoes, I agree. However, you missed the particularly ironic twist -- the fact that Brian H has no skin in the game. That of course makes it easy to leave derogatory remarks.

Brian H, before you jump at me, I concede you have a valid point there. Just be a little more careful with your wording. You, among all of us, should have the abilities and master your language with care and susceptibility.

I didn't get the "high horse" vibe from Brian H's comment. I think there is a valid point to be made that if you are comparing features on $100K cars you can't just pretend it's apples to apples until you get to certain features, like adaptive cruise control, or even refrigerated glove boxes. If you're looking for a luxury car with specific amenities and you don't care about the drive train, then by all means, get a BMW or Audi. If you're looking for an electric car and don't care about amenities, by all means compare it to a Leaf or RAV4 EV. Model S is about 2x price of a Leaf with 2x range. About the same price as a RAV4 EV with slightly better range. Model S 60 or 85kwh costs a lot more and goes a lot farther. Model S perf compares performance-wise to some pretty slick cars, some of which cost a lot more, and have more amentities, and some of which cost more and have many fewer amenities. Can you get adaptive cruise control on a Lamborghini? Don't think so. Is anyone complaining about that?

Regarding the question of whether or not the Model S is appropriately priced, there have been two pretty intensive discussions going on. It may be worth reading them again, or even comment from today's perspective (they are several months old):

Thanks for making explicit the implications.
Elon, when saying the S was the "best car in the world", later qualified that by adding "in all the dimensions that matter". Elon has a kind of high-minded engineer's POV on what those are, so if you don't share his values, you won't share his opinion.

Which brings up an interesting hypothetical: if/as battery prices fall, will TM put the savings into more luxury and "amenities", or drop the price of the car? Which would you prefer?

P.S. -- third option, of course: more raw range.
Or a split?
Here's the list:
1. Amenities
2. Price reduction
3. Driving Range

How would you allocate the battery savings? 40/10/40? 100/0/0? 0/0/100?

Vote now!

We'll see how TM decides this question when Bluestar becomes a reality. I'd like to see a range closer to 600-700 miles on a full charge, making the idea of range anxiety or specialized EV planning for road trips a bad memory.

And I'm definitely cancelling my deposit on that Lamborghini. No adaptive cruise control on a commuter car? Someone must be kidding.

Has there been any information regarding transfer of the reservation spot to another person? I am P#3404 so I should be end of 2012 beginging of 2013. If someone has a Sig that they want to defer, could we swap numbers?

Also, If you defer from a Sig to a P do you get 35k back?

I believe it counts toward your bill for whichever you get. It'd be kinda pointless for them to give back 35k and then give you a 50k final bill.

Only reason I can see for a payout is if you can your order.

andex23: Why so pessimistic on the delivery date? If TM is predicting 5,000 cars in 2012, wouldn't you expect delivery in 2012? (He innocently asks with a P# of 3422)

Decent question,

Based on the 1000+ sigs, the R#'s, and founder cars I assume we are the tail end of 5000 total cars produced, a slight hiccup in production to contain quality would push us into 2013.

I also am trying to temper my internal excitement, a December/January date is realistic and I can always be pleasantly suprised... It's what Elon wants.

However, if I can switch reservations with someone who has "reservations" about the car, I would do that in a heartbeat.

I think the 5,000 target is includes the Sigs, et. al. However I imagine our very own Index Meister, the revered Volker.Berlin himself, could point us to the right forum. (He says with the upmost of respect!)

Okay, yes, an extra "is" crept in there.

@ Vawlkus: I deferred and received a refund of $30K (I put the other $5K on a Model X reservation). This was per their standard operating procedure. Regardless, I'd rather have my money in my hands than in their's until it's time to finalize my order.

In terms of switching reservation number, a friend of mine and I were trying to do that. We were told at the Seattle test drive that it couldn't be done.

Ohms.Law, I have the same assumptions regarding "5000 cars" like you have, but I don't have any sources to back them up.

I could easily imagine that "5000" is just a nice round number that Tesla brought up at some point b/c they needed to give some number to the public. From that perspective, Tesla has allowed itself a little leeway in either direction -- they can offer a precise definition after the fact and thus make sure that they hit (or exceed) their target.

Ohms_Law / andex23 - Your timing might be just perfect to request your Tesla Personal Deliveryman show up in a Santa Suit. Maybe at the office Christmas Party? I can see it now:

"Santa has one especially good little boy at the very top of his list! Ho Ho Ho!"

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