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Delivery Fee

Did anyone else notice the delivery of $990???

For me I live in silicon valley. Happy to pick up the car. Totally get the fee if someone needs car delivered, but don't get it for us locals who at happy to pick up at factory. Anyone figure this out???

A "delivery fee" for Tesla owners willing to pick up their Model S at the Fremont factory is bull and out of line. Just my opinion.

If Tesla needs this margin to succeed then they should offer more options with larger markups. Don't try to cheat your customers with this compulsory fee. Just because other auto dealers/manufacturers behave badly doesn't make it right.

Is this delivery fee a certainty or presumed based on roadster owner experience?

Tesla is following standard practice in the car industry in the US. Here is an informative article about it from Kelly Blue Book.

It's real, whether you pick up in Fremont or not. It's industry standard.

Thanks for the link @ddruz

Haggling over the purchase price is also standard industry practice.

I don't want to make a huge deal of this but this pisses me off. Perhaps I will take delivery in Tahoe instead of at the factory and enjoy a nice ride down the hill? Don't want to come off as mean spirited but I'm dissapointed in Tesla with this decision. I'll live

Hm. You're sounding a bit like the way your tag would sound as a word ...
Standardizing the fee avoids incredible complications tailoring it to every individual case.

On the other hand, my philosophy about such things is, "INCLUDE it in the price, then state 'No additional charge for delivery if required' " That way there's one less "extra" item on the bill, and no claims about "free", and no quibbles about amount. It's built-in as a cost of doing business, a necessary expense on each sale.

Brian H, it's the same with the first four years of service that should be included. However, it all adds up and Tesla has committed to the $57,500 base price early on...

Yes, "it's too late now", as they say. But I strongly recommend it for the X, etc.

I found this thread as I am about to "sign" my contract and noticed the delivery fee. If I have to pay the fee then perhaps there is a way to compensate.

Take delivery of the car in Oregon. Oregon doesn't have sales tax and vehicle licensing and registration is very low. Use the vehicle in Oregon for a minimum of 90 days and then bring it into California. You should have proof of using the vehicle in Oregon. I guess "gas" receipts won't work in this case..... are people allowed to plug in their electric car in Oregon? (they aren't allowed to pump their gas).

In case you are wondering, I was going to drive my Tesla to Oregon anyway and spend some time there (about 90 days) but through it would be nice to pick up at the Factory and take the tour ;)

@cmeyers - I'm assuming you are actually a CA resident? If you take delivery in OR and register the car at an OR address, I suppose you could get away with not paying CA sales tax. If you register the car in OR, you will not be eligible for the $2500 CA rebate, although if you have an OR state income tax liability, you might qualify for their $1500 EV tax credit. Seems like a lot of trouble to compensate for the delivery fee.

There is no longer a $1500 EV tax credit in Oregon. :(

@cmeyers | OCTOBER 8, 2012: Take delivery of the car in Oregon. Oregon doesn't have sales tax and vehicle licensing and registration is very low.

You can also look into Washington state, since they don't have tax for EVs and registration costs are also low. We're planning to take delivery in WA and registering there, since we have a place there. But we will drive or ship our car to AZ, since we spend most of our time here.

The only thing is missing from the fees is the under coating.

@Robert22 -- The website at
indicates that the Massachusetts excise tax is prorated ("no excise for the months before the vehicle is registered", which makes me feel a lot better as my car is slated for delivery this month.

I anticipate that by next year, my predicted delivery date, the CA rebate will have run out of money. It is first come, first served and it only has approximately $14M left. At 2500 a pop, that only covers 5600 more applicants and since they hand it out to plugin hybrid and electrics I don't see how it will last. With the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt and Ford Focus Electric and more Ford plug-ins coming soon California is going to burn through this quickly.

I need to move....

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