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Did I miss the boat on TSLA stock??????

I bought a while back at high 30s, but for some reason chickened out and sold in the low 40s. This isn't like me, as I'm a long term investor (buy & hold forever....) Don't know what came over me.
Anyway, would you buy the stock now (long term) , as it is aiming to cross the $100 mark any minute?

We need to boycott the Dealers!!!

The only times that I have done better than the market in general have been when I knew something a year or two before the stock market analysts realized what was going on and became comfortable with the stock's upside potential. Once that early insight advantage is gone, it's another story.

I'm still comfortable with recommending TSLA even at 109, not because I can judge 109 valuation but because I don't think most people have a clue yet about Tesla's achievement, and thus its prospects over the next 5 yrs.

With the Model S, Tesla's designers have vastly simplified the basic sedan and SUV/minivan. (See the PDF of a talk of mine at Other manufacturers of e-cars like Nissan-Honda-Mitsubishi can look at the Model S and know that the game has changed, that there is no future for PHEVs (at least seven models) and for EVs that merely swap the parts under the hood (Tesla Roadster, Nissan LEAF, etc). The Model S dispenses with so many parts (and with them, potential repairs). It is literally THE new platform for bodystyles.

But none of the of the other car makers have announced anything similar in bottom-up simplicity, even as a prototype for 2017. Tesla is already selling batteries and drivetrains to other manufacturers, and that's the way it is going to be for awhile.

Tesla has achieved a first-mover advantage of some years. And in the meanwhile, they are going to cutting into the markets of the other luxury sedans in the Audi-Lexus-Mercedes-etc market, plus all of the clean energy types.

I would like to thank TSLA for my free car. 1480 shares at a cost of 29.00 with a current price of 121 pays for the car plus all service costs and the additional electricity costs for the next 98 years.


Only if you sell.

+1 SamosSam And if you hold onto the stock for another year or so you may also pay for an 'X'

@wcalvin What you said is exactly what Peter Lynch said about how ordinary investors can find good stocks to invest. Find good company with good product in day to day live before Wall Street discovers it. An example he used is how he discovered Gap (a ten-bagger for him) by shopping in the mall. BTW if you don't know who Peter Lynch is his Magellian fund was the best performing mutual fund in history with a record likely will never be exceeded.

I'm not too surprised that a lot of Tesla car owners also bought the stock. I, although not a owner yet but know enough of the car, can't think of a reason our roads will NOT be filled with EVs in another 20~30 years. Tesla has just showed the way. People on average keep their cars for 6 years now. I don't think there are many people who are so stupid that they will not switch to an EV in 5 generations assuming companies like Tesla will produce the kind of cars that fit their segment.

I'm sure most people on this forum agree with all this but it's still a best kept secret for people in their NYC offices. They might have read about the car but they never have a feeling of how great it is. So I also say it's still no too late to buy.

Here's someone talking on YouTube about yesterday's trade day for TSLA, mentioning to expect to rise above 130/share:
The Tesla (TSLA) shorts are being squeezed. Here's your trade.
I hope this of interest to anyone, otherwise I'm sorry. ;)

Did you miss the stock ride. Depends on if Elon re-ups/signs after his current contract expires, giving him incentives till at least 2032. Then EM can take Tesla production to 1 million vehicles plus a year and the stock goes to $3,000 dollars per share. This gives 30 times return on investment in 20 trs more/less.

If not, it's more like $300 + per share in a 3-5 yr time period, then who knows if EM steps down after that.

My grandma always told me this:

"Buy low; sell high."

Does that work? ;)

The trouble is, a lot of people see the stock price fall and then panic and sell. In the case of TSLA, it's always (so far) managed to come up higher than the previous high. If you have faith in the company, the first rule is never to sell lower than the price at which you bought it. And if you're not in a hurry you can wait for it to go up again.

Can't believe that there are original shorts left after the first 114.9 peak. The action since, with the steady uphill trend (122 today), looks like systematic accumulation by funds to me.

I just got in for some more. My original purchase was at $16.something back about a week after the IPO, so buying at nearly $117 feels uncomfortable. I'm a pretty conservative investor, but Tesla seems to have all the i's dotted and t's crossed and the upside potential is just staggering.

I dun have the money to buy anymore....I got in at I sold off a lot when it was stuck in 90s.

aww well, I think the stock should go up somemore even if US starts their dealer nonsense. There is still Asia/Europe. My contacts in Asia are VERY interested in getting one. Just that right handed Model S are still in production

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