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Does anyone know when will Tesla release new firmware to support Navigation in China?

Model S Lacks many features now in China :-(

Those of us on this forum are not authoritative sources for when TM will rollout anything.

All we can say is that it is coming, soon.

Ask and let us know their response.

I am so happy to hear you received your Model S in China. I hope you are enjoying the car as much as we are here in N.A/E.U.

You will probably get it about a year after you receive your vehicle.


Try water wings.


Tesla chose Google which is used in most part of the world.

Who would know there's a problem if you choose that famous and popular map?

However, as a search engine which deals with names, words, ideas, knowledge... Google found itself to be very difficult to comply with China's regulations. It eventually moved itself from mainland China to Hong Kong.

May be that's why Tesla Navigation by Google Maps are not working in the mainland currently.

However, Tesla is working with Chinese text and voice recognition to solve this problem and hopefully you can update the firmware by the end of this year.

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