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Elon confirms 4G in all cars

Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, but at 48:40 into the 2012 Shareholder Meeting Elon says "...bit of course all cars come with 4G connectivity"

Hopefully that puts the "is it 3G or 4G" debate to bed.

I would certainly also hope that the MS would connect to my AT&T microcell and/or WiFi as there is no "real" cell phone coverage within quite a few miles of our house.

"How would you remote control your car from your phone while you are away (check state of charge, set climate controls etc.), if your phone is required in the car for the car to be online?" VB

Good Point Voelker, which is why I suggested that TM use a proritization just like all smartphones employ - updates & communications via wifi if available, then user cell phone via bluetooth if available, and lastly internal cell phone or whispernet as a last resort.

I suppose the car will always need to have internal 3G, 4G or whatever G is next in order to monitor and change settings remotely via app when away from home... but whatever we get now will most definitely be obsolete from a hardware perspective within a couple years. People are already complaining about the speed of map updates under 3G (I don't expect any maps except onboard as I live outside of AT&T servie). This highlights the speed of change/obsolescence issue.

Someone above says it is wrong to have 3G in a 2012 car. Really? The design paramters have to be locked down sometime, and this car had to stop being an engineering dream about 18 months ago, before 4G could possibly have been implemented. Suggesting that things change on the fly is to not understand design/production realities and scheduling. Auto technology is always 2 years behind current PC's or telecommunications, and this will always be the case.

So, if I purchase a car in the US, on holiday, it will not roam in Canada or any other country, even if in the future when Tesla starts charging for 3G? (I don't own one so I'm asking if they already started charging money or if there's free 3G/navigation)

I'm thinking of doing a road trip around North America, possibly even Mexico at some point, but the lack of Super Chargers is really bugging me. I know Canada has these retarded 22kWh chargers standing around everywhere but those are insufficient and I won't stop for a day every 3 hours just to recharge the car.

Do they sell Teslas in Canada, if so, are they US-Spec, US imports, Canadian versions? Does the 3G work abroad?

Nice username bro, let me guess, 14 years old?

No, they don't sell Teslas in Canada.

If you pack your MS in your suitcase and take it abroad, the 3G will not work.

You can, however, tether the MS to your own service and use it anywhere in the world.

Actually they do sell Teslas in Canada, I believe over 1,000 already been delivered. Canadian spec. The don't seem to be delivering the Superchargers though, none up and running yet anyway!

So is 4G actually available then or not?

It doesn't seem to appear as an option (or standard) in the Model S Design Studio configuration - at least for the UK version.

"420 We Blaze It"

"I know Canada has these retarded 22kWh chargers "

Oh boy. This should be fun.

Guys are we mocking posters again. Let me guess. 420 weblazeit is not from the US probably UK and youngish (perhaps early 20s). He has some valid questions. He is just not eloquent in American English. I am also not from the US but having lived here for 28 years have learnt to communicate with you guys. Why not try answer his questions and not mock him. I think the answer he is looking for is one can take a car from the US to Canada and vice versa and will be able to charge in both places. What will happen in Mexico is not clear to me. I also believe one will not be able to charge US cars in Europe and vice versa. The 3G story is a different question. Unfortunately Canadians coming to the US and vice versa pay significant roaming charges on 3G

Yeah, I'm going to mock somebody like that. He'll still get his question answered somewhere.

If you come on the official Tesla Forum with a username "ChicksCocaineAndJD" I'm probably going to think a little different of you than if your username is "Dr. Steve Thomas". I guess I'm judgemental that way.

While not tried, there are no international roaming charges on T-mobile. Perhaps other carriers also offer free roaming? It might be worth looking into if you're doing a multi-country trip and tethering to your phone.

As for Mexico, a few month ago someone drove from the US down to Panama through Mexico. Clearly doable, although perhaps not as easy as using Superchargers. Here's one article on that trip:

Thomas he is not trolling he is asking questions, albeit not eloquently. If he is posting obnoxious anti-Tesla stuff for nefarious purposes, different story. How do you address your kids, grandkids or their friends etc when they ask questions? Blow them off if they are not eloquent? I still believe that if you don't like the question or the poster rather don't answer than mock him. Just my 2c worth.

The answer to his other question was about charging in Canada. They are behind on superchargers and the chargers are slower but doable. If you have specific questions about a particular route we can try help you with the best way to do it.

As more users shift to LTE, that is freeing-up bandwidth on the slower end of the system and Tesla has probably cut a good deal to use that part of the spectrum while the telcos charge a premium for LTE (which is great, btw). The slower 3g/4g tech would be perfectly appropriate for the way a MS uses data. Personally I would trade raw speed for coverage and reliability in this application.

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