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Elon meets with Google

Wait a sec. I buy the coolest car in the world and then let a machine drive it....I think NOT!

Driverless technology would be awesome for those long trips from San Francisco to San Diego and you can sleep at 3am while the car does all the work and maybe even pull itself into a Super Charger Station if your a heavy sleeper and didn't realize you need to top off before the next leg of your trip. Also for when I want to spend a 2 hour commute working rather then driving or taking a business call legally and focusing on the call while pulling out the laptop and taking in a Webinar.

In the immediate however, I would love speed limits added to my Google Map's in my Model S or better GPS integration with my iPhone or Android phone to push an address to it or get a much improved address search feature built into the existing Google Map. I tried to add an address the other day and it absolutely couldn't find it so I had to use my iPhone to get to where I was going instead.

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