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Fair Price for 14-50 Outlet Install?

Lots of folks here seem to have some experience getting the 14-50 outlets installed in their garages, so I wanted to get some opinions on this. Is $621 (plus permit) a fair price to run a 25 foot conduit from the subpanel and install the 14-50 outlet? Is it close enough to fair given that our electric utility rebates half the cost upon delivery of the Model S (incidentally, the guys at Ausitn Energy test drove the Model S at the Get Amped event here and LOVED it)? Thanks!

@pbrulott - if you won't be running both loads at the same time, you could take the existing line to a subpanel, and have a 100A circuit to the pool and a 50A circuit to the car. Of course, you will trip the 100A breaker in the main panel if both are on at once, but that would keep you from having to make changes to your main breaker panel.

I paid $500 with Solar City. They ran a conduit about 20 feet from the opposite garage wall. The rate above includes a discount for having also signed up for solar (they did a great job at that too).

My temp 14-50 cost me $230 to have installed.

Hmmm...sounds like one more estimate wouldn't be a bad idea. I have a few more months before my car arrives so I suppose I should take advantage of the time! Thanks to all for the excellent and detailed responses. Seems like $621 isn't bad but isn't great either. It definitely needs to be permitted and be completely done by a pre-certified (by our local electric utility) to qualify for the 50% rebate, so that's not really even a question.


many thanks, that is kind of what I was thinking about since my pool heater is in use in the day and maybe 6 times a year. I'll ask a professional electrician to estimate the job but at least I have a starting point.


$1100 for an 85' run in 2" conduit in my warehouse in NYC. About what I figured. Everything is more expensive in NY.

pbrulott. My panel is also full, but I found that many of the old breakers are wide and I can just replace a few with newer thin breakers to make room for my new service.

out in long island, ny. Had 1 estimate so far - $2000 with permit (not sure permit is necessary yet). Finished basement - will run conduit around outside of house to garage. Panel on opposite side of house. Seems a tad bit high reading what's been written here. I suspect he priced it to not get the work. Getting estimate from Solar City on Wednesday.

Our Cost: A ride in our model S plus dinner!
The Nema 14-50 is more than adequate.

July, jat, MB3;
Patrick B is in Canada (Quebec) and "code" may not be identical. He needs local expertise and advice, for sure.

I too have a complicated install; they are wiring a 100 A sub panel in the garage with new wiring from the main box to the garage, with a 50 A circuit to a 6-50 inside and a second 50A circuit to a 6-50 outside the garage, the latter to be replaced with a 100A breaker and HPWC, once that is available. They need the subpanel because they can't wire the permanent (inside the garage) 6-50 to a 100A breaker. It's a two day job, expected to be just under $2000. I used Bowie (not the cheapest, but very reliable and know for 'clean' work.

Putting the 14-50 right next to my electrical panel. Private electrician quoted me $250. Solar City quoted me $450. I mentioned the lower quote I had and the Solar City rep immediately lowered his quote to $350. I said no thanks.

I used Galban Electric and they were great. They're based in Southern California - Orange County. They just installed a 100amp line into my garage and I couldn't be more pleased. Their YELP reviews were also great.

Installation of electric car 'charging station' is also elegible for a federal tax credit of up to 30% if you install it in the same year you buy the car. I dont know yet whether a 14-50 outlet counts as a charging station. It should, though.

Didn't the charging station installation tax credit expire at the end of 2011? Or has it been extended?

So I had my NEMA 14-50 "refueling" station installed today in Charlotte. Cost me $375, nineteen feet from electrical panel in garage. Had to run the wire in a conduit so I think that's a pretty good deal. Now I just need something other than a dryer to plug into it!

@eelton - It just got extended as part of the "Fiscal Cliff" bill.

My electrician charged me $650 in Tenafly NJ. He had to run it around 70 feet within the garage.

Solar City was not available in my area, so went with a different provider. Mine was $1600, but I had a rather long run from my electrical panel (I'm in an attached condo building). Had to go up through my attic, running new conduit and wiring, penetrating several walls and the garage ceiling.

I had one put in my garage, about $900, about 3 hours work, which I consider expensive, since the meter is right on the other side of the wall. and at my parents' garage, which was anout 25 feet run, done by Solarcity also for $900
both in California. No permits were pulled, Solarcity did have someone from the local city inspect their work.

a friend of mine volunteered to do it for free, but I didnot take him up on that.

My panel was also full. I did have a subpanel from the solar feeds so we used it to add the breakers and circuit for the charger. About $300 plus part which were around $30 or $40. Anxious to see how the solar prevents my bill this year from going up much. We are in the SF Bay area,

If you had the solar last yr., wouldn't its impact be the same this year? Your net will increase by the cost of charging the S, regardless.

My experience is similar to docdac above.
100 - 120 ft from Service/Breaker panel at one end of the house basement routing over finished basement (where I helped) through
to garage and up to garage ceiling (centered between two bays).
Only installed one NEMA 14-50 outlet though.

I paid $125 for the install. Less than two feet of conduit run. and I bought the outlet and 50 amp breaker from Home Depot myself. So all told about $200.

Well it's pretty exciting because, even though I don't have the car yet, my garage is now ready to plug-in! It was $850 but they put in a NEMA 1450 inside 1 inch conduit so that I can just pull the wire through if I get the HBWC. It was between 25 and 30 feet altogether but it looks fantastic! I haven't made a decision about the HBWC yet but I will wait and see how well things go with the 1450.

$220 total install with an electrician with about 12 ft conduit from panel outside garage. took about 2 hrs.

mkh1437: Noticed you said "attached condo building." I'm in the same situation. Do you have to get approval from condo association? Did you cross common area? I'm thinking better to ask forgiveness afterwards than permission ahead of time.

I live in the Montreal area. Theoret electrician did the install for $450 plus tax. The run was fifty feet.

A federal tax credit of 30% on a charger if installed the same year? I guess that means if you received the car in the middle of December and installed the charger in January you're out of luck. What are these people smoking?

Robert22.....They are inhaling their own hot air.

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