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Front Tag Options

So you can now see the front tag look at Tesla Motors Club:

I was thinking of not putting that full size thing on and customizing a motorcycle tag holder (no screws) on the front of my car. I have a makerbot 3D printer and could print something out once the car arrives. I then plan on ordering a custom motorcycle plate with a matching number to my back plate once I get a number from an online store. Hopefully, it will be less ugly and will keep me from getting a ticket although technically a motorcycle plate would not be permitted.

Thoughts? Anyone done this on a Roadster?

That's by note a relatively dated image.

My current understanding is that there will be a drill-less option for the front plate. Unfortunately, I haven't heard any additional details yet.

by now*

I'd design small inconspicuous receptacle holes, and locking pins going into them, releasable with a lever in the frunk. If I were a jenyuss Tesla design engineer.

@walla2, I also have a Makerbot and would love your file once you have it made? I also don't like that big thing and also don't plan on adding front plates until forced to.

I also have a Makerbot [...]

Tesla's early adopters are a very special crowd! ;-)

@Volker.Berlin, we are most definitely out of the box thinkers here! I think that is why I feel so at home here in this forum above all others. Not just because of the car company we all feel passionate about, but for the sense of community and like minded individuals who have vision to see beyond the end of their noses.

Just taking a moment to pat everyone on the back here, I think I'll start looking for a local Tesla Club in the Bay Area, would be shocked if there wasn't one! :) I just figured it prerequisite was to actually have a Tesla vehicle first.

Order an RF Roadster. That should qualify you!

@Brian H, LOL, Elon actually sent me one!!

Ditto BYT. Mine is orange. I suspect everyone who reserved before the end of 2010 got one.

Not in Europe. :-/

I completely forgot about that post! V.B, you said back then that you didn't care about the swag? ;)

By the way, I got the (what looks like) the Model S Signature Red RC Roadster.

BYT, at least I had my Roadster test drive in the mean time. Now waiting for the real thing (and impatiently so). I wonder if having an RC version eases the pain of waiting for the real thing, or makes it worse...?? ;-)

No clue, mine is still NIB

? Collector's term, New In Box? ?

Yes, term I picked up back when eBay was the thing to do! :)

Bringing back an old threat... this was originally about the front plate and making a custom mount but I wanted to see if anyone who has a 3D printer (besides of course and not to diminish the cool center console that Soflauthor is working on) has done anything with it for their Model S?

Anyone have idea's they would like to see made on a 3D printer for our Model S'?

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