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Google Send-to-car for Model S?

Hi all,

Last night I noticed a Nissan TV add for one of their vehicles sold in Europe and it contained info about Google Send-to-car. Apparently this allows nav info to be sent from a PC or equivalent device to the nav system of that particular Nissan model.

I have long asked myself how come (since Outlook already knows all the places I have to visit on a busy day in the field) when I drive away from home, I have to punch in all these addresses again?

Does anyone know more about this Google functionality than what appears on a Google search? Should be relatively easy to bring to a Model S, shouldn't it?

- Patrick

my 2010 BMW had that feature, however I believe that the voice navigation command on the Tesla is so good that I do not miss that functionality.

My 2010 Mercedes E350 has the function and its one of the best things about the car that I liked. You simply right click on a map pin and select send, and then "to car". I used it all the time.

I'll miss that feature. Seams very easy to add via a software update.

Google has had this ability with Android phones for a long time, so it wouldn't be terribly difficult to add if both parties were agreeable.

The current understand is that the navigation software in the car is not actually provided by Google, only the map images are. The navigation is provided by Navigon.

That doesn't make what you are asking is not impossible, but it might make it less straightforward both technically and business-wise.

@olanmills - true, but the other car manufacturers who support the functionality don't run a full Google software stack either.

Sending driving directions via Google Maps to my car from my PC or iPhone app is one of the most convenient features of my 3 yr old BMW. By the time I get in the car it already knows where I want to go.. I'm surprised that as cutting edge technologically as the Model S is that it can't do this yet.

I find the Nav to be exceptional and so quick that I would rather do it in car (as opposed to Mercedes which feels like it takes until arrival at my destination to enter a full address). Do folks know that you can also quickly load any address to the Nav from the contacts in your phone (iPhone at least)? When you look up a contact in the phone app, any contacts that include an address present the option to Call or Navigate which loads the address and takes you to the Nav /Map app should you choose Navigate. Pretty cool integration IMHO.

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