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Houston Nema 14-50 50 amp installation cost.

Just received a quote from Mr Electric (SolarCity recommended Houston installer). My panel is on the other side of the house from the garage. The run is 100-150'. Their bid came in at $2,200.00. Has anyone used anybody else? Any recommendations? Thanks.

My installation was around $600 with Mr Electric - but it was a very short run, next to the breaker box - and this includes both a 10-50 and future installation of the HPWC.

I had a 6-50 installed about 1 foot away from the breaker box. It also included prep for the HPWC. Total cost $170.

I had my 14-50 installed for about $125 or so.

Who did ya'll use? Anyone you'd recommend (besides Mr. Electric)?

I recommend a great electrician for tesla owners in Houston. He installed a new breaker amd plug and did it in a few hours. I have known him for 5 years and is a great guy. Cheikh Gakou call him on 832-659-3442 or email


Your costs are going to vary based on distance away from the breaker panel assuming you have space in your panel. If they have to pull new wire then they also have to consider obstructions they have to dig under like concrete or additional safety precautions or looks if above ground.

Having said that ANY decent and licensed electrician can be used. No offense intended to Mr. Electric, but I'd go with a local electrician who doesn't need to know you just laid out 75-100k for your car. I had my electrician look at my 100+ ft pull through concrete that was about to get demo'd for a house remodel. He said don't bother but expected about $750-1000.

Your parts for most jobs are going to be 6 gauge 4-wire(2 hot, neutral, ground) wire and pipe for the run, a socket box, the 14-50 plug, a socket box cover, 50A breaker. Wire was something like this for 100ft pull:

I used Cheikh Gakou. Fair price. Good job.

When installing the 14-50, if you have twin chargers, you may want to have them run cable to install an HPWC in the future - so that you don't have to re-run the wires the next time. That will increase the initial installation cost - but will be cheaper in the long run by eliminating paying for the lower power cable and then having a second installation visit to install the higher power cable.

The longer runs get expensive, if they are running the cable inside a metal conduit - so you're paying for the cable, plus the conduit - plus assembling and mounting the conduit.

I just got a quote for a NEMA 14-50 receptacle and Mr. Electric wants $965 for it. Seems like too much to me.

How far of a run do they have to do? (i.e. how many linear feet from your fuse box to where you want the plug.

hmm.. maybe 30 feet? I have a friend that's an electrician who will do it for $60 + material cost. Is there a guideline to follow for installation? All I know from reading the Mr. Electric quote is I have to install a NEMA 14-50 receptacle. The 14-50 receptable is $10... the wire may cost $50? Mr. Electric just has outrageously high quotes.

I ordered an 85kw, with tech package, leather, panoramic roof, premium sound, obeche wood matte, with pearl white paint. If people are right about the lighting being $1000 more and previously included with the tech package then to order a similar car now would be $94,220 instead of $90,270, an increase of $3950. I would like to add the parking sensors for $500 but I don't think it's available to me at this point. It's scheduled to arrive August 19th. I'll have to let my financing company know the MSRP went up and see if they let me get away with putting a little less down ;). I wanted to just put down 15% but the bank is asking me to put down $20,000. It's too bad I'm in Texas where Tesla financing is not available.

meant to post that in a different forum... how do you delete posts? :0

@terrance you will also need a 50 amp breaker, guessing $20, could vary depending on box type. Assuming your current box can handle the additional breaker. Wire is probably $2 a foot at home depot, so call it $80 -- assuming the actual run is 30 feet. It might be that they are going to run up the wall across and fish back down, so the linear run might be 60 ft or more. Receptable $10, cover plate $3, box $3, call all that $20.

Two hours of an electricians time, between $50-$100 per hour. I call $250-400 a fair amount. Depends on the conditions one has to the endure to get the wire run :)

So then you agree that $945 is overcharging? :)

is the linear run 35 feet? or is it, for instance, 35 ft from one wall of the garage to the other?

BTW, yes they are high. There are tons of threads about it.


No editing or deleting on this forum. But if you already have a reservation, your price is fixed.

there's already wire up in the attic for it according to my electrician friend that's going to do the job today. just has to change the breaker in the box and then he said something about coming off the existing 6 guage wire that's in the attic. we only need 10, but there's 6 guage wire already so he said he'd just use that. with it being in the attic i imagine i need less than 25 feet of wire.

ahh, sounds like you got it handled then ;)

Got it installed, ended up needing 70 feet though! Still, the total with materials was $190. I have 30 feet of wire to keep. Not to mention the $775 I saved by not going with the default provider :).

I ended up hiring Cheikh thanks to the recommendations on this forum. 80 ft wiring, NEMA 14-50 install for $1,100. Quotes from Mr. Electric and another electrician recommended by a Tesla store employee were significantly (absurdedly) higher.

I'm soooo glad I've decided to shop around for my NEMA 14-50 ... my quote from Mr. Electric was over $950. I used the time & expertise of an other electrician, who in turn was able to take care of the installation (parts & labor) for under $200. I do truly believe that they know you just spent the previously mentioned 75K - 100K and are attempting to cash in as well.

Mr. Electric isn't cheap and not too reliable. They never even called me back to give me a quote. While I paid $900, they installed a NEMA 14-50, a 4 outlet 120V circuit, a switch, and an outside LED light. Took an electrician and a helper about four hours to complete the job. (I supplied the LED light.)

They called me two months after they got my information from Tesla... something about how they were getting 'caught up'.

I politely declined.

Mr. Electric does not appear to be reliable. I called them a week ago and they have not called back.

Other than Cheikh Gakoou, can someone give me another recommendation of a master electrician/company with good reputation and has done this work in Houston.

In West Houston, I really like Juan Medina. 281-530-6284. It is a husband and wife team and they are very reasonable. I didn't have him do my NEMA 14-50 (I would have if I had known about him then) but I've had him do a number of things and I'll have him do a panel replacement soon.

I used Cheikh Gakou as well. $350 for 14-50 connector on short run next to breaker box. Good work and great price.

My NEMA 14-50 installation (in Austin, TX) was performed today by Jeff Park of Park Electric. He did an excellent job putting a new 50A circuit into the main panel, which he made room for by switching out a pair of old dual breakers for a single quad. He then ran about 40 feet of conduit, punching through an exterior masonry wall into the garage, and mounted the outlet in exactly the spot I requested inside my garage. He then sealed up and refinished all of the holes he'd made. Total bill was about $650, which was split evenly between parts and labor.

Jeff came personally recommended by one of the employees at the Tesla Domain showroom.


I used Cheikh Gakou here in Houston; excellent service and competitive price. I highly recommend him.

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