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We have a Facebook group page for the Houston Tesla Club. Join if you haven't already.

We'll use it to share photos with one another, share Tesla tips, post upcoming events, and whatever else everyone wants to post.

1st Houston Tesla Meetup & Caravan this Saturday.

Let's show Houston our Teslas!
If you think your Tesla gets a lot of attention, can you imagine what a train of Teslas will do?
We plan to gather at Fry's SW and Caravan to Top Water grill. Please join us. You don't need to have a Tesla to join in.

Meetup Details;
When: Saturday, July 20,2013
Where: Fry's Electronics Southwest, 11565 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77031
When: 3:30 p.m.
Caravan drive: 4:00 p.m.
Arrive: 5:00 p.m.
Destination: TopWater grill 815 Avenue O, San Leon, TX 77539

Please PM me if you are joining us (and don't have a Facebook account).

Just for clarification, the meetups are meant to be an additional avenue for Houston Tesla owners to get together and not to replace the C&C event.

Quick recount of the first meetup of the Houston Tesla Club: 8 Model S' showed up at 3:30 pm at the Fry's parking lot. It was fantastic to see all the various colors in person and to meet the proud owners. Special thanks to John Gray who stopped over and provided us all complimentary detailing liquid. After a quick meet and greet, 6 Tesla Model S' headed out to Top Water Grill as a caravan. To say we got a lot of attention on the road is an understatement. The drive to San Leon was fantastic and we had part of the parking lot in the restaurant cordoned off for us. Again, as we parked our cars, we had a crowd gather around during our photo session. Lots of good questions asked and took us a good 45-60 mins before we all got into the restaurant for some much needed drinks and food. We left the restaurant at about 8pm and not before answering a few more questions from onlookers. All in all a great drive with great company in a GREAT car!

It was fantastic meeting fellow owners and we will be working on a road-map for the future events, how we can make it more interesting, etc. We would love to hear ideas so please keep posting them. We want our Houston Tesla Club to be one of the best ones out there and this was a good start. Hat-tip to Tom for all his help with coordinating the event and Greg for leading the caravan. Thanks to Top Water Grill who welcomed our group and for the great food. Thanks to the owners and family members for joining in.

Pictures from the first meetup can be viewed at

Please note the Facebook Group Page is located at Please send me a PM if you have any difficulty joining us.

Here are some pictures from our Houston Tesla Club meetup on 7/20.

We gathered at Fry's in Southwest Houston.

Thanks to John Gray "The opti-coat Guy" who showed up greet us and give away bottles of detail spray.

Then we caravan for an hour to the restaurant. People were waiving and snapping pictures. We snapped pictures of each other too.

We arrived at Top Water Grill in San Leon (a little past Kemah).
They blocked off the peninsula just for our Teslas.

We couldn't resist the photo op. We lined up the Teslas for these great pictures.

There was a lot of interest for sure. People kept getting into the picture.
We finally had to give in and gave them a full demonstration.

Our Teslas were in prime view from the restaurant.

The food was delicious and we talked Tesla for hours.

We had a great time and we hope to have many more Tesla meetups.

A special thanks to Top Water Grill for accommodating our Tesla Club.

I think that having 2 Houston threads is causing a lot of unnecessary redundancy. I really don't want to be checking both threads to see the same exact posts. It's understandable to see the same posts going from to but not within

This is the last time I'll be checking the second Houston thread in protest.

This being the second Houston thread.

It's understandable. This thread was created for just Houston Tesla events whereas the other Houston thread has everything houston. We'll probably stop posting on the other threads once everyone migrates to the Facebook group.

Sorry I couldn't join you all for the trip ... I'm not scheduled for delivery until September 23rd. I'm sure I will meet up with you all soon thereafter ... I can hardly wait ... Baron von Schmale ... OUT.

We have a Facebook group page for the Houston Tesla Club. Join if you haven't already.
It is so much more user friendly. Everyone can post a comment. pictures, links to news articles, and network with other Tesla owners and fans in Houston.

I am not on Facebook but would like to join the Houston Tesla Club. Please let me know if there is an email subscription list. Thanks!

+1 email subscription list

Yes, there is an email subscription list:!forum/tesla-owners-houston-tx

However, it isn't nearly as active as the Facebook group. That may or may not be a good thing! Just to make sure everyone is up on the latest, here are some 'save the dates':

10/5: Morning caravan from Best Buy Galleria to The Thirsty Parrot for lunch
10/8: Columbus SuperCharger Opening (morning - date tentative)
10/12: Tesla Performance driving school at Texas World Speedway (trial event - charging will be an issue since Huntsville SC will not be open yet)
11/9: Road Trip and Tour of SpaceX (date tentative - Waco SuperCharger charging times will need to be coordinated)

More detail will be posted as each event gets closer. As soon as the two tentative dates become firm, I'll post.

Here's pictures of the Thirsty Parrot event and Columbus Supercharger.
Thanks to Jeff for arriving early and taking the pictures and video for us.

I'm in Houston and will be taking delivery of my Model S next Friday. Can't wait!

Hi there Houston owners. I have put down my deposit money but am having difficulty deciding about the panoramic roof -- the Mercedes has a window shade to keep the car cool, but Tesla does not. I am concerned about how hot the Tesla may get in a parking lot with the panoramic roof. Do any of you have the roof and can you comment?

I've had the pano roof in Houston since January - and park my car outside during the day for work - and haven't felt the pano roof to be an issue.

The smartphone app is a huge benefit. A few minutes before going to my car, I'll bring up the smartphone app - vent the roof (if I wasn't able to leave it in vent mode, especially if it might rain) and then turn on the AC. By the time I get to my car, the interior is cooled down. The only times I've gotten into a "hot" car have been when I forgot to pre-cool the car.

And with the VisibleTesla app - you can also do the vent roof/pre-cool on any device that has java.

One more thing... I've had cars with removable roofs, removable roof panels, sunroofs and moonroofs before getting my MS with the pano roof.

My MS is the first car I've had where I actually drive around in the evenings and mornings with the roof down on surface streets...

I have no regrets in getting the pano on my MS...

@jgottschalk: I'm with bp. I haven't an issue with heat, and I think it is a cool feature and I would get it again. It also gives rear seat folks slightly more headroom. However, it is another source of squeaks and a few folks have had issues. (I've had mine in multiple times for pano-creak, for instance.) Tesla is pretty good about fixing issues, but if you are looking to save some money, or you are extra sensitive to noise, you won't miss it if you never had it. You'll love the car either way. :-)

Imo the pano is a must. Changes the entire feel of the car from inside. I got mine tinted and it makes a huuuge difference.

Has has anyone put Opticoat on their cars? any ideas on cost and detailer that does Teslas in Houston?

also, any ideas on a good tinting company.


Yes, many Houston Tesla owners have done some type of coating. I did CQuartz for the car and Opticoat for the wheels. The two most popular places I am aware of are:

Gulf Coast Autoshield
Attn: John Gray
Phone (832) 264-0670

Attn: Anson Lau
Phone: 832-613-8807

If you come to Coffee and Cars, there is usually a mix of cars you can use to compare. Good luck!

Opti coat must be done by a professional company as it can leave permanent haze spots if not buffed soon enough. Not a good idea to let someone do it out of their garage. Speaking from experience.

Ada's window tint. East Houston. Not pretty but the tint looks great. Had four cars done there over last ten years. All perfect.

@ELECTRICFAN: I mentioned John because he has done a ton of Houston area Teslas and I haven't heard a complaint yet. He's been successful enough that he is now doing it full time.

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