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I hope you owners know each other...

I'm not an owner yet and I'm sure the owners do this, but:

1) There should be a voluntary public owner registration list - I've seen this mentioned here. Every Tesla owner could be an emergency charging location.
2) You should attend as many car shows (as entrants) as you can, and notify each other when they happen. I spend my summers taking my Panoz (and formerly, my Delorean) to shows every weekend. People of all walks of life go to shows, and who knows? You may run into a restaurant owner or hotel manager that thinks about putting in a 240v charging port in their establishment after seeing your car...
3) I would participate in short trips with other Tesla owners - like traveling to tourist spots. It would be a great exercise in planning your visit for charging locations.
4) Sharing emails and thoughts on this forum are GREAT. It really enhances the car ownership. A similar site exists for Deloreans, and I met the nicest people owning that car.
5) Have a state-wide owner's group (if they exist) create a letter for businesses and city councils that tell them how many Tesla owners there are near them - and to encourage charging stations to be constructed.

Just thoughts, no flames, please...

There are such voluntary lists, notably Plugshare. Not something that can be enforced or universal.

There are many local EAA ( chapters, that do these very things. I know our SacEV club is very active, I've been showing and advocating my LEAF and Tesla since I got them...

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