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If there is one positive that comes out of the NYT debacle, it's this:

It demonstrates definitively that superchargers should not be positioned 200 miles away from each other. It makes a 60kwh car drive impossible in all but the most perfect conditions, and leaves too little of a margin of error for a 85kwh car in bad conditions. It makes people fully top-off their cars to reach the next SC, which not only means they're engaging in time-inefficient charging (after the first 50%) but also spending more time at individual superchargers, which can create bottlenecks for multiple users at the same time, causing further delays.

The spacing of the Superchargers in California is pretty solid - none are more than I believe 125 miles apart, which makes even a poor-condition 60kwh drive pretty feasible without much stress.

I know more are being launched soon, and some of this will sort itself out, but people don't want to be told they have to be cold in their cars, drive below the speed limit, etc. in order to take a trip - and on cold days in the Northeast, some of that is necessary to complete the Newark to Milford SC span by more than the skin of your teeth.

Edit: doubling up on already-serviced routes.

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