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Impressions after 45 min test drive

My current DD is a 2011 Jag XF Supercharged (comes with 20" wheels) with the ECU tune package (~520-540hp), and this is my second XF.I just drove the TMS P85 with 19" wheels for about 45 minutes in mix of city, highway, good/bad road surfaces, etc.Here are my thoughts ,strictly as compared to my car.
1) It is uncanny how the TMS immediately felt so similar to the XFS on the road as far as ride quality, steering and handling in general.Driving over bad road surface, feels same as the XFS.
2) Seat, driving position, steering position is very good
3)For an ICE, the XF has same philosophy of less is more - as far as physical switches and controls.Much more low key and elegant compared to anything German
4)when quickly turning the wheel left-right-left-right in low speed, the car is not planted, feels like the tire sidewalls are too soft or suspension is loose and it sways a lot.
5) Test Car has 5000+ miles, and no rattles, creaks at all
6)Accelerating hard from any speed between 0-65mph, the P85 feels faster for sure. Stepping on it above about 70mph, I would say the XFS easily pulls away. This is of course the normal expected difference between the ICE and E-motor torque/power delivery curves
7)interior quality is a lot of hits and misses considering it's a $100K car,definitely lower quality overall then the XFS. Too much plastic (low grade hard plastic)all over the place. The tray between the front seats is the most ridiculous thing, and a major screw-up, which by itself brings the whole interior down- however should be an easy fix.
8) visibiliy out the back is worst than even the XF, but I did not feel any issues on the road. Would be nice to have parking sensors for such a large car - that's a no brainer.
9) car is of course very quite at low speeds. At about70mph and above, total cabin noise is same as the XFS
10) switches on the steering wheel feel cheap and flimsy
11) Until today, I haven't seen an MS around here. Today suddenly I saw 2 on the road....
12)I lease my cars (36-39 month leases, 15Kmi/year)The XF normal maintenance costs are definitly lower than the S up to at least 4 years. Incidentally,the cost for the TMS is close to $1000/year and not the claimed $600. (adding the rumored $30/mo for 3G connectivity).
13)Came away from the test drive impressed,but not blown away. Considering the rave reviews, and how so many people are blown away by the TMS, I have a new appreciation for the XFS, which costs 30% less.
14) Note that I am not discussing the range issue at all in this report.

Jdesmo. I suspect the future lease offered on MS will not be competitive to leases offered by similar ICE manufacturers. Big ICE has long used subvented rates, rebates, etc. to make leasing an attractive way to ‘sell’ new cars every 3-4 years.

TM will not be motivated to subvent the rates like BMW and Audi. While I have not priced Jaguar leases I would guess they, like Audi and BMW, are priced to encourage moving the metal at a ‘sales’ expense to the manufacturer. TM will not want to lower their profit margin, at this time (my guess) to move metal out the door. TM may use the technology card and gasoline savings of $3K+ per year as a sales factor for comparison. Also, most prestige manufacturers offer free maintenance for 36 months which is not going to happen at TM.

What city/state do you live?

I think the whole CO2 footprint should be left out of these discussions. There's a lot of us that love the Model S but don't believe the whole global warming hype that the bankers are pushing so they can collect carbon taxes from everyone. The carbon credits trading scheme was hatched by Ken Lay so that gives you an idea as to it's origins. Also, it should be noted that these Tesla's are really Coal powered cars since most of the electricity in the U.S. comes from Coal. Does that make you feel better about your "footprint"?


While we are all happy Tesla brings out great EV that don't pollute that does not actually cut it these days for many people. There are so many choices in the Tesla price range. Like it or nok many people will judge and compare car with similar price tags even if they are not really similar cars.

While OP has got his fair share of bashing her I would rather take the time to address the list myself. For another point of view. And to you all that might find OP's commentaries hard to take - read them all over again. Most of the comments are really about what a good car it is.

What is he really complaining about?

The one where the car feels loose - I put that on winter tire. Seems most of the people that have driven MS has not mentioned that the car feels loose - in fact the comments are usually the opposite. So I will not pay attention to that issue at all. I only see 3 things that are negative. And one of those are the same on all similar cars.

#7, the cheap interior is the one that attracts attention - we've seen this on the forum. And why? It will cost Tesla so little to up the quality of the cabin. And then the noise will forever vanish. So pls Tesla - do something with the perceived quality of the cabin. Add some extra leather, add another 15 minute at the drawing board. This should be easy to address.

#8 visibility via inner mirror or looking gout rear window is something that lots of car with a design similar to Tesla experience. Tesla has rear view camera - yes? Problem partly solved. Add parking sensors and we will never hear of this again.

9# not an issue. In hi speed wind noise and road noise from tires are what catches ones ears. It will be the same for Tesla as for most other car. Only one with less noise might be top end luxury cars with dual layer windows and extra padding - but those things in at a price. Both in $ and drive-ability. So I would say it is all good and what one could expect.

10# flimsy controls on steering wheel - if those control are really from Mercedes they should be on pair with what you have in the jag? If you think back - maybe your feeling for the steering wheel was clouded by an overall negative take on the quality of the cabin?

@joe12pack, You need to learn the issue better if you think Ken Lay is in anyway responsible for the carbon credit trading scheme. Most of the developed world is doing thatnow. US and China are the only two significant economies that are not implementing the Kyoto treaty. US did sign the treaty but the congress failed to ratify it. At this time only few states have implemented their own version of cap and trade.

Also most electricity in the US are NOT generated by coal firing plants. Only 42% of them are. Not to mention carbon foot print of MS is still only about half of that from ICE cars even if 100% of electricity you use to charge the battery came from coal firing plants. Efficiency of electric motor is much higher (2~3x) than that of ICE. That is just the inherent advantage of electric motor.

Get the facts straight instead of using the false talking points from Fox News and the detractors. You will feel much happier driving your MS if you do.

@carlk - The single largest source of electricity in the U.S. is from Coal. Can you name a bigger source of electricity? I didn't think so. And since you aren't good in math, I have attached an image:

The Red shape that takes up almost 1/2 the circle- that's coal.

Most of the developed world is being robbed by Goldman Sachs through this fraudulent global warming scam. You are aware of Climategate at the University at East Anglia?

Or is this something NPR hasn't mentioned yet? And no I don't listen to FoxNews. Both the mainline Republicans and Democrats are the same. More war, more patriot act, NDAA... what's different?

Joe, my state is 80% renewable electrictity. Secondly, my car has an equivilent of 100 mpg. My carbon footprint is VERY small, and I dont drive a coal powered car. And as time goes on and we move to renewables, my car gets even cleaner.

jbunn - You must have me confused with carlk. I am not interested in your carbon footprint since my position is that all this global warming/carbon footprint stuff is a scam/backdoor tax.

The Model S IS a sweet car.

@Redshift - I totally agree that for an up-start, TM did an incredible job going up the learning curve in a few short years.Therefore , it should be easy for them to address the few 'non- major' issues with the MS.
@mwojcie - Thanks for the generous offer, but I'm on Long Island. I called the local TM store manager back few days ago, and asked for some owners around my area I can talk to. He promised to email it right away, I'm still waiting.
@petreo- As I mentioned before, the 'fuel' cost for an MS is greatly influenced by the geographical location - much more so than an ICE. For our area, we pay over $0.22/KWH. calculated with charging efficiency and vampire drain, I come up with equivalent of 34mpg, which is just double my XFS average. Adding aspects like maintenance costs, connectivity costs, etc. I think bottom line, the MS has the potential to save some like myself $200/month.

@joe12pack I don't think anyone could confuse you to me. Anyway enjoy driving your MS and help to preserve the earth even unintentionally.

Jsdemo. At those rates (triiple the off hours rate in CT) I'd seriously look at solar if I were you. Your payback would likely be less than 3 years. For us, our payback on solar is 6 years (covering all our electricity). which is still worth it. After that you are essentially getting infinite MPGe. Also, many places on Long Island have free charging stations so you could take some advantage of that.

I'm not aware yet of free charging stations on the island. Can you give me few examples for my education?
I should start checking about solar. However, our area on the north shore is densly wooded, also around the house.

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