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I've built a new Forum Search tool for Chrome

Hi all,

Like many people on here, I want to be able to search the forums, and Volkerize, while better than nothing, doesn't quite do what I want.

So, I threw together a Chrome extension over the weekend to do the searching for you. It indexes the forum, stores the data locally on your machine, and then you can search really quickly.

Note that this is very much an alpha-stage hack, but it works. Let me know what you think.

You can download it from

Finally, it only searches the Model S forum for now, but that should be mostly sufficient

Has anyone tried it out yet? It'd be great to get some feedback on whether or not it's working for people

@shaneosullivan1 Yes, I tried it this morning and after the initial loading time, I was impressed with the speed and quality of the results. Thanks for doing this.

Awesome, thanks!!

Ooooh, allows searching of locked threads for owners. Most excellent! A leg up on Volkerize.

I run it in a separate process/window while surfing with FF (I use many addons).

One issue: after searching, selecting one hit (even dragging to a new tab) wipes out the list, so the search must be repeated. WUWT?

Brian, good point, I'll fix it

I wish my computer skills were at this level.

"So, I threw together a Chrome extension over the weekend to do the searching for you. It indexes the forum, stores the data locally on your machine, and then you can search really quickly."

Great add-on!!

ken, thanks - compared to my day job this was almost relaxing :-)

I just did a search "Tesla App" and got differing results from Volkerize and this add-on. I hate to say, but the Vokerize search returned more relevant threads.

Which part of the thread is being searched? I think some tweaking may be in order.

yeah, I need to sort for relevance, right now it's just doing word matching

OK, so I've updated it to give more relevant results and to remember your last search. The update should be available in a few minutes from the same link

I'm the paranoid one here when it comes to links & gadgets.

Is there any way to check and make sure it is safe?

How can I update? Chrome just sees the program as already in place. Uninstall first?

Arg. Uninstalled, reinstalled, no icon = no search.

To update, you can right click on the icon and choose Manage Extensions, then Update Extensions.

As for safety, you can always look at the source Javascript. Not sure how to do that before installing, but after, click the icon, then right click in the window and choose Inspect Element, then Sources. Also, I'm a Tesla owner and an engineer at Facebook, so I need neither more cash nor nerd boy kudos for messing with people's data . All data stays local on your machine and the only server communicated with is

But of course, you're right to ask :-)

Chrome also makes extension developers declare what remote websites they want to access (I listed and they tell you what they are before you install

Reboot and cycle through again, got it working.

The tool seems to search OPs only, not comments. This reduces usefulness considerably.

Brian H, it also searches through comments. However it matches threads that contain "all" of your search terms

Really? Search for 'gillfoto', a member who has commented, but not posted. Or "therapeutic", a term I have often used in comments, but never in posts.

Hmm, searching for therapeutic turns up a lot of results for me. There must be a bug in there somewhere, I'll see what I can find

Brian H, can you try refreshing your cache, and not closing Chrome until it's complete?

Well, sort of helped, found 3, though none recent, not even this post.

I dunno, seems to be down (just for me?), but I don't like that your program saves things to my HD. I usually only go to 2nd base with most of cyber space. Call me a prude if you want lol.

@jonesxander - works fine for me - it is my site. If you are still having problems let me know.

Worked fine for me a few hours ago, and now.

Brian H, are you logged in to on Chrome in non-private mode? The search tool can only find posts that you have access to on Chrome.

I'm using FireFox, and it works the way it always has. As of 1 minute ago., that is. The Chrome tool now appears to function properly, and gave me 10 hits for "therapeutic", instead of 3.

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