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Just got my electric bill.....

I drove 3,000 miles in my MS last month. My electric bill went up $90 (South Florida).

The car I used to drive got 13.5 mpg...that's a savings of $760, in one month. How cool is that?

That is Awsome! Congrats Hogfighter!


Hogfighter, what's you electricity cost per kwh?

right at 11 cents.

Awesome! Those of us with gas guzzlers and cheap electricity are really going to rack up the energy savings. My car does 19mpg premium and I drive 1250 miles per month. I estimated my electric bill will increase $35 a month and cancel out $250 a month in gas!

I used 400Wh/mi, $0.07/kWh, 1250 mi and $4/gallon to get to those conclusions.

In LEAF parlance that works out to 3.6 miles/kWh. I only get ~3.2 in my LEAF, but I drive aggressively. Were you babying the S?

Something is wrong here!
In this case you obtained 818/3000=0.272kWh/mile
With such a consumption and a battery of 85kWh you can reach 312miles!
This is quite much!

@Geek....I'm getting around the same as your LEAF. I did cheat once and filled up at a library (for free). I drive normally but with the occasional wild-acceleration just to make me smile, although it doesn't seem to burn any more electricity to do so.

The car likes to coast, and likes it when I'm on the highway in traffic (the drafting that ensues when in traffic helps a ton). Smooth roads also add to the efficiency more than I thought it would.

My electric--on average--should be pretty close to this rate, and I also have a premium-only ICE, about 1250 mi/mo. Now, I expect to burn through a bit more electricity per mile than the OP, but I do imagine I'll save at least $150/month. Of course, even with that savings, I'll still be spending an obscene amount more per month than I do today when car payment is factored in! This is not a car you buy to save money. It's a car that saves a little money so you feel a little less guilty about just how much you're spending on it. You buy this car because it's absurdly cool and fun and because even waiting for your car to show up it makes you feel excited, special, and--let's admit it--a little bit superior (because hey, you're saving the planet while driving the coolest car ever). :-)

That's fantastic news! Just about what I expected although my electric is only eight cents per kilowatt. If you figure 245 miles for 85 kW, full charge, and then at your $.11 that would be $114 for 3000 miles. What a bargain!


How many miles do you drive a day? I will be driving about 165 daily miles four days per week and that is also going to be 3000 miles per month. That includes my other driving.

my spreadsheet to estimate electricity costs and savings vs. ICE at

my cost about 1/3 of ICE - SoCal Edison not quite so cheap...even with my solar.

My cost exactly also 1/3 of ICE

We have been putting about 1100 miles a month on the Model S and the power bill has gone up about $33 a month.

It has been a mild winter here in the Pacific NW. Only one cold spell and no extended power outages so far but it sounds like our numbers are comparable.

With my BMW's thirst and taste for premium fuel we are saving about $275 a month. (That is driving the BMW very conservatively and the Model S very indulgently.)

I still like the fringe benefits of the Model S more than anything.

MS loves Florida. I'm making rated at 70mph on I95 with the AC on! Sometimes that falls to 65mph if the wind is against me but, still, the car just loves flat warm places.

With that kind of milage, I'd be interested in how your rear tires are wearing. Do you have 21s and, if so, which tires?

An irony: California is the home of TM, and has more MSes than anywhere. But CA really hoses electricity buyers, minimizing the $ benefits of owning one.


Maybe that's why Tesla has focused on filling California full of free superchargers! Now it's time to spread the wealth and let the rest of us enjoy it between the two coasts.

I get 0.054/kWh in Chicago, on average ~ 370 - 400 Wh/mile (in the winter). ~1500 miles per month. Average electric bill ~ 30-40$ per month, compared with my M5 ~$700-$900/month in gas (premium). Now that is savings on huge magnitude. The averages take into account, I tend to be a more aggressive driver than the norm.

@BrianH. Yes, PG&E rates are nasty compared to national average. You should check out the E9-A and E9-B tariffs. You can charge a car off peak for around 4¢ per kWh. Much better than the 29¢ I currently pay for house electricity.

Hey Brian-
Not everyone in California is getting hosed. SDG&E (San Diego) is only .08/kWh (.14 bundled) during off peak hours.

I happen to believe Hofighter's numbers. Florida is optimal for the MS. Flat and warm is the key. Don't forget, a Florida MS got 423 miles out of a single range charge.

@Vern110 Saving around $700 per month will pay for a new battery pack within little more than a year at most.

From then on, 10+ years of saving $700 per month awaits you. Congrats!

@Hogfighter: That's wonderful. Leaves you with that internal glow that you are getting to stick it back to "the man".

10+ yrs at $800/month pays for the whole car!


I'm moving out of the northwest where we have expenisve gas ($4) and cheap power ($0.11 or less). I'm moving to CA where gas is expensive ($4), and power is crazy expensive (some places $0.30).

Most electric power in CA is generated by natural gas. Right now the stuff is dirt cheap.

Yeah, I'm kind of pissed about that. Kind of takes some of the economic advantage out of the equation.

: (

What's an electric bill? We have a 27 kw solar panel system, almost entirely paid for by the federal government (tax credit, USDA grant for farm installation, and business expense deduction). Thank you Uncle Sam.

Our bill to be on the grid is $8.20 per month, but we get about $1,600 per quarter in SRECS, so net over $6K per year from electricity.


At least solar is a viable option for you now!

Sorry to hear that you have to move though.

First full months bill was $44.00 for 2,000 miles. Yeah!!

2.2¢/mi ain't bad! Where are you.

@DRP - I'm driving just over 100 miles/day and 85kw battery pack. No range anxiety fact, I rarely look at the mileage remaining. I charge at only 25 amps because I have a theory (quite probably incorrect) that less electricity is lost when I charge at a lower rate. Every morning it's ready to go with 240 miles of charge!

@lola - I have the Continentals and 4k miles on the car. The rear tires have a little more wear than the fronts, which are still like new. To all who don't live in South Florida, our roads have no curves. Just turns.

@Brian - absolutely right (except for the stupid maintenance cost!)

Vern - $700-$900/month for gas? Say $800 and say $4/gallon for premium, that's 200 gallons and at 1,500 miles only 7.5 MPG. That would be outrageously aggressive driving even in a M5! But, you go guy!

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