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Latest tweet from Elon

Elon Musk ‏@elonmusk
Supercharger announcement pushed to next week. Something else this week.

Let the speculation begin!

I would hope that Tesla would locate Superchargers in more employee friendly businesses. I'm not interested in spending my money at the local Walmart when I go through a new city. I want to spend my money in a way that will benefit the town. Walmart uses their own bank and sucks all of the money they take in out of local bank overnight.

On the other hand, money received by local businesses is spent within the town to support other businesses. Most Walmart employees can only afford to shop at Walmart.

Put the Superchargers near local restaurants, shopping centers, and other areas unique to each town. I they are in Walmarts, I'll use the bathrooms and sit in my car, thank you very much.

Jeez Elon, come on with the Superchargers! I need to plan some summer trips!

I like your idea, brian.robards. Along with many other people, we have used WalMart as a place to stay for the night on a long RV roadtrip, and in return we go inside and shop for groceries/et al. Every time. And if they put charging stations then the same thing would happen....

Walmart? Does anyone on this board actually want to spend some quality time at Walmart? I would say partner with a nice restaurant chain. Somewhere you'd actually want to spend an hour...

I think having superchargers in cities instead of just rest stop towns would be a nice feature. But I understand that should not be the priority as far as facilitating long distance travel.

the battery isnt easily swap able i seriously doubt that would make sense especially since they are trying to charge 10-12 for a replacement

I refuse to set foot in a Walmart.
I wouldn't even take free electricity from them.

They have sucked the life out of so many small communities.

I'd rather not have superchargers anywhere there are likely to be baskets rolling around in the parking lot, dinging up my car. Same reason I probably would not take my S to my regular grocery store.

it's my wife's car but I plan to haul plants, trees, lumber, dirty mountain bikes (I do not like bike racks as I love my bikes), baseball gear etc etc. bring on the baskets

Hmmm... another interesting article on the merits of the battery swapping idea:

As a stock-holder, I am starting to warm-up to the idea of battery swapping - particularly if it means hitting the China market running since it would mean minimal infrastructure requirements.

I think a lot of cash from an offering is the best thing that can happen to Tesla for many many reasons. Tesla (Elon in general) is able to make tremendous use of every dollar they get. Imagine what they would do with 750m (maybe 1b) at this point in their evolution? I think it is clearly evident they have a vision that outlines a 50b valuation in 10 years, and beyond that, the skies the limit. There are so many growth areas with gigantic markets (outside the auto industry) it's ridiculous.

Example, Tesla builds the best electric power train/energy storage system in the world. No one can come close for many years. Fantastic barrier to entry to allow the growth to happen at a staggering pace. Not just in the auto industry either. This advantage doesn't stop there.

Given this tech, I think Solarcity will lay the groundwork for Tesla patented energy storage systems to become integrated in home/business PV installations.(walmart, the military, 14 states private homes/business, etc...) Distributed energy as a secondary revenue stream folks. Not only limited to solar either. This is big stuff. A wildly huge unrealized market just waiting to be exploited.

Point being, the more money (through offering) Tesla has to develop the power train/battery tech now, it can increase share holder value in the mid-long term significantly. The dilution is well worth it.

I think free supercharging will only be available out on the highways. But I could see customer-paid superchargerging at Starbux. People like to hang out there anyway and it fits the electric car culture. I know most Starbux have limited parking so you would put 1 Supercharger that could charge 2 cars at a time only in select locations. I think the electric costs would be paid by the customer but potentially subsidized by Starbux.

Has an announcement time been stated yet?

The point that many of you are missing is that WalMart act as an hub for other commercial businesses in many cities. When is the last time you have seen a free standing WalMart with no other companies around it? They usually pull in all types of other shopping and eating opportunities which would make waiting a charge a much better experience.

Walmart is only symbiotic with businesses with which they don't compete in any way. I agree with Doug H. Please make it convenient for me to support businesses other than Walmart. I will never enter one.

Model S's parked in front of Walmart?
Uhmmmm........ don't see it.

Walmart’s business model is based on externalizing as many of their expenses as possible, that is, getting the government and taxpayers to pick up as much of their cost of doing business as possible. By Walmart’s design, most of their employees are on food stamps and Medicaid/Medical. Our Tesla would never enter a Walmart parking lot even if a Supercharger was located there, and we doubt that many other Tesla owners would either.

@hsadler - You would if you lived where I live. I've seen at least one other besides mine. How do you think I afford my Model S? We're not all independently wealthy... ;-)

Well, now we know what supplanted the Supercharger announcement and pushed it out to next week.

This is the "something else" that Elon tweeted about.

Walmart is the antithesis of Tesla

Walmart or similar - I see it under a different aspect.

Tesla is building a brand. One of the key stones to their brand advertising will be the super chargers. If you link that to an existing strong brand like Walmart, McDonalds, etc... certainly the car will be identified with the existing brand. So kids will learn the MS is the ( charges at ) Walmart car, or the McDonalds car. All the effort to build the Tesla brand would manly benefit the existing brand.

swapping? minimal infrastructure requirements? Tell me what you're drinking, so I can avoid it.

@shs I agree wholeheartedly. I won't step foot in a Walmart. The Walton family are parasitic billionaires that seem content to take financial advantage of their employees and relish in squashing small businesses in the area. I also would never use a charger in their lot. Now if there were chargers in Target lots I would happily use them.

The Waltons from Wikapedia:

Collectively, the Waltons control over 48% of the company, and are worth a combined total of $115.7 billion (as of March 2013), valuing them as the wealthiest family in the world.[2]
In 2011 six members of the Walton family have the same net worth as the bottom 30% of American families combined.[3]

They could probably afford to pay their employees a living wage with health care. Costco does and they seem to be doing fine. I would love to see any sort of charger at Costco.

Tesla wants people to lose their fear of owning an electric car and "running outta juice" in the middle of nowhere. To shed that fear, SuperCharging stations need to proliferate. The goal of 100 of them in the U.S. by 2015 is a very modest goal.

A better goal would be to build out a network along America's major interstates at ~120 mile intervals. I-5 would be a logical choice out west and I-95 out east with others including I-10 being built. To make sense for Tesla, they will need to be interstates connecting major population centers so sorry but there won't be any connecting Denver to Boise for example :)

I have followed the forum for a very long time and have held my tongue on many issues, but I can't pass up the chance to impart some first person knowledge.

My partner and I both work for Walmart and we will receive our MS 85 next week.

Based on the slanderous comments above, it would seem surprising to many commenters that we could afford such a 'luxury'. The reality, though, is:
- Walmart pays us more money than we could have ever hoped to make as young professionals in Arkansas
- our company provided health insurance is the most comprehensive and inexpensive insurance that we have ever had (for example: FREE heart transplants at Mayo Clinic; should we ever need one)
- our cost of living is lower because of the savings we achieve by shopping at Walmart

In other words, Walmart is large reason that we CAN afford a Tesla.

For those that truly care to educate themselves on real retail, MANY independent studies have shown that Walmart's presence in a market frequently drives down prices everywhere. Google it! Those low prices bring in over 200 million customers each week. So to the original comment--Walmarts would be GREAT places to install chargers.

In addition, I believe that Walmart produces more solar electricity than any other commercial entity... and by the way many of those solar panels were installed by Solar City. And OUR sustainability efforts are increasingly lauded as industry-leading.

Its a shame that Walmart haters have taken to this forum to voice their 'opinion'.

The reality is that I love my job, my employer and will soon love my Model S that I can afford thanks to Walmart. By the way, ours will be the third Model S at our office....that's right THREE in a town of 36,000 people.

I am sure that my comments will 'stoke the fire' but I do hope that we can discuss Walmart in other venues and simply go back to pleasant exchanges about our revolutionary cars.

+1 rtmurph3

+1 twice rtmurph3 -- thanks for telling the other side of the story!

WalMart provides free heart transplants! I'll bet they even cover all the costs if you're struck by lightning too!

+1 rtmurph3 -- I shop at Walmart twice a week and think it would be an excellent choice for charging
stations. It is a shame the way people characterize the typical shopper and I think it is unfair. I will be proud to park at any Walmart and just so you know I paid cash for my car.


Any company that reinvented distribution and saved consumers hundreds of billions of dollars is bound to have upset folks who made money off a very large markup.

Every time the world changes to something better, the legacy players get disrupted.

Teslas is now doing this to the auto industry, and thank god it's starting.

No one wants to see old-fashioned retailers, or car makers lose money or jobs. That's certainly not the goal. But if things are to get better, each player must advance how they do business. Knowing that at least one competitor is on a new and better track is the incentive for the others to follow suit.

Walmart did this in retail, Tesla is doing it in cars. And all of us consumers get a higher standard of living because of them.

Please don't hate the innovators.

We need them.

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