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Mercedes B-class may be allowed to use superchargers

"While unconfirmed, the B-Class Electric Drive might be the first non-Tesla that is both compatible with, and allowed to charge at, the company’s so-called “Supercharger” stations that dot the California coast and are planned to expand across the country."

I don't know how I feel about this. Obviously having more cars that use superchargers will encourage a faster spread of the supercharger network, but supercharger stations are already filling up in California. I would hate to wait in line behind one of these little econoboxes.

Welcome M.B. Get out of my Tesla Super-charger unless you are putting super-chargers in every M.B. dealership for us.

Looks like the MB B class has similar performance to a Leaf (crappy acceleration and mediocre range) and is only slightly more attractive. Doubt they will sell very many.... Maybe someday someone besides Tesla will figure out that to sell a lot of EVs, you have to make them as desirable as an ICE.

You misunderstand the SC system, like many. The power is supplied, at a net network profit, by Solar City. They install enough arrays to more than make up the grid cost by selling power to the utilities. Tesla does not collect or contribute to the electricity costs and charges. They just erect the Superchargers, which costs (comparative) peanuts.

So letting other makers cars use them would mean more stations, and more arrays built and operated by Solar City.

Having watched the documentary on Elon, and seeing how Tesla would have failed without tens of millions from MB, I think they can use our superchargers.... Plus I do think they will help build more and add to the network.

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