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Model S and Roadster for all countries

As you might well know, not all countries drive on the right hand side of the road. Here in Malta (Europe), we drive our cars on the left hand side. Are there models available for left hand drive and right hand drive?


Tesla already produces the Roadster in a right hand drive version for sale in UK, parts of Asia, and Australia. Roadster sales for outside U.S. markets will finish early in 2012.
The Tesla Model S FAQ states that a right hand drive version is planned half a year after start of general production.

By the way, which range of an electric vehicle would you consider sufficient for Malta? Do you often go with the ferry?

my apologies.

The production date for right-hand drive Model S is announced in a blog post by George Blankenship, Vice President, Worldwide Sales:
"Delivery of the European left-hand drive Model S is scheduled to begin in late 2012. In mid-2013 we plan to begin delivering the right-hand drive Model S for Europe and Asia. Each launch will begin with a limited edition Signature Series."

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