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Model S Purchase Guide in Texas

I am a huge fan of this forum and have been reading it for sometime now. I will be purchasing a Model S in a few months after moving to Texas to start a new job. Is there a post and/or resource to walk me through all the walk arounds for purchasing a Model S in Texas. Thanks!

Most important thing is that this recently worked for me exactly as outlined. Apparently Houston/Harris County only.

Wow, great news!

If you have a reservation you can request access to the regional forums.
Then you can read this thread:

Random tip for TX....make sure you get your state inspection before registering in TX (Tesla will give you a temp registration in CA).

I didn't know you were supposed to do that and the DMV didn't say anything. Low and behold I got pulled over for not having an inspection (I was told I had 30 days to get it inspected, but that goes away once you register), but the cop said it was no big deal, just get it inspected and they'll dismiss it., turns out there's an insane loophole since it is a new vehicle and not an expires inspection, so I've been to court 3 times now and think I've finally gotten it dismissed.

It hasn't been a fun inconvenience.

Actually I forgot there is an even better thread at TMC that is not private:

"a fun inconvenience". My new favourite oxymoron!

I did not have to pay sales tax when I registered my car in Bexar County in January. Asked three counter/clerical people "Are you sure?" at Tax Assessor-Collector Office, finally manager came out and said, "Sir, your car is not a golf cart, you get a tax exemption." I shut up, paid 90 bucks to register, walked out quietly, let out a 'griiitttooo' in the parking lot.


@cattledog - sounds like great news. As a west-coaster, I'm intrigued by the "griiitttooo". What exactly does it mean? In what context can it be used? It sounds like fun, and I'd like to give it a try sometime!

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