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Model X Reservation Tally

This thread is intended to track Model X reservations.

If your reservation number is greater than the reservation number listed below, please post the 1) reservation number / date received 2) region and 3) type: Signature or General Production.

The Model S Reservation Tally can be found here:

Here is an updated collection of the numbers posted by members on various threads and forums (i.e., these numbers are to be taken with a grain of salt):

S 140 (June 20, 2012)
P 1,206 (July 10, 2012)

S 3 (February 23, 2012)
P 50 (May 9, 2012)

S 12 (March 19, 2012)
P 87 (July 16, 2012)

Gross Total: 1,498 - July 16, 2012

S = Signature Series (Model X)
P = General Production (Model X)

Ordered mine in Canada today #271

Just got my reservation number confirmed for my Signature X, the number is S911. Eerie number in these days but carwise of course evokes the Porsche 911. Either way I'm excited, I ordered from the Miami Dadeland store last week, just got the number today. How many other X's are here from Miami? I saw one from Miami Beach a little while ago. Congrats to all the Tesla owner's and I'm happy to be in the club, now if only delivery would be sooner...

Just got my reservation for a standard X yesterday - 6,652.

Quickly comparing numbers from Europe, Canada, US Sig and US P it looks like we are approaching nearly 9,000 reservations, give or take a couple hundred. On Schedule for 10,000 by the end of the year as reservations seem to be gaining momentum. While I could have made my reservation earlier, I am glad that I did not wait any longer. (It has been more than a year already.)

#1057, 10 november, EUR/Norway, General Production

"Quickly comparing numbers from Europe, Canada, US Sig and US P it looks like we are approaching nearly 9,000 reservations, give or take a couple hundred."

Tally on TMC puts the total at 9,113 known reservations up to this point.

In May of 2011, about a year before the first delivery of the Model S, there were about 5,000 reservations for the Model S. If this trend continues, there will be twice that number for the Model X by the end of 2013- one year before the first delivery of the Model X! That is impressive!

Signature Model X number 922. US. Ordered 11/10/2013.

I will reserve as soon as I can design and test drive. I plan on making this my third tesla. If a gen2 comes out at a reasonable price point i'll consider getting them for my kids.


Model X number 6,685. US. Ordered 11/11/2013.

Model X Sig #929. US. Ordered 11/15/2013.

Model X Sig #930 US 11/15/2013

6718 and 6719 reported on TMC 11/13/13. Keep 'em coming!

P 6817 South Florida 11/22/13

From the Norwegian EV forum:
#1122, 25 november, EUR/Norway, General Production

From the Norwegian EV forum:
Signature #171, 04 November, EU/Norway

How many signature reservation spots are there in the US? I assume 1,000?
Signature #211

Model X Sig #968
26 NOV 2013

There are 1200 signature for the model X. The model S had 1000 signatures.

Reserved my Model X today. #6874 North Carolina

Sorry. should read reservation

?? >:p

I wish the date said 30th November 2014 and not 30th November 2013. I'm actually rather disappointed with the information level on the Tesla X. The only update have been "Delivery begins 2015" - Norwegian Pages.

Signature Tesla X

upgraded to Sig Model X on 11/25/2013 - now Sig X 969!

Done at Santana Row Store, the same place I signed up for Sig S 2.2 years ago (then Sig S 692).

With any luck, these will be the last, and best, vehicles I will ever need to purchase!

My Model S has been an absolute Joy and I'm pretty sure the Model X will be equally or more Joyful!


Sig S - 692
Sig X - 969

Standard Model X reserved yesterday (12/1/2013) - US #6911

#6874 is is a p

Dec 3

Standard Model X


Two sig X's on order and now a standard X, own an S85 and a P85+.

Love my Tesla's

6,958 as of December 6, 2013

We just upgraded our Model X reservation to a Signature on Dec 12, 2013, and the upgraded number is #1015. We had been standard #6412 before. There will probably be a rush of reservations as Christmas approaches, so the Signatures are bound to be really close to the end of 1200.

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