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Mr Elon Blog about the NY time reporter

Mr Elon I understand what the reporter has done but in your point of view don't you think the average person who never drove a electric car would do the same mistake. It's his point of view as its your point of view if he had plan this trip he would never had never run out of battery charge. After saying that the car is great car to drive. He never said it wasn't. I have drove Model S and love your electric car. The biggest problem today is people are ready for electric cars but battery's are not ready for people.

With a 85 kw battery Tesla state you can do 300 miles at 55 mph. But in the real world it doesn't. When you add wind, rain, temperature, snow, speed and many other factors you never get that distance. So you set up you car to be criticized by anybody. Like all electric cars the problem is range. SC station help a lot but nobody want to spend 30 min. to a hour charging when you go for a long trip. Maybe the reporter was thinking the same thing.

As for me Model S is the best electric car I ever drove. You notice I didn't say the best car. For that it's has to go 400- 600 miles to a full charge like ICE cars do. But as city car I would say it the best car around. Saying that you put number up what the reporter did. All is fair I have my numbers too which you web site doesn't put up. At -28C 85kw with a full charge and dry road Model S can only do 150 miles at 55-60 mph with 30 miles left just in case. Give or take total 160-178 miles. That means you better charge before 150 miles just to be safe. Here are other number what battery's do over time and speed

In final thank you for bring back the electric car. Keep improvIng the car and some day everybody will be able you buy a electric car in the future.

I'm a bit more jaded. I predict the NYTimes will circle the wagons, put up some refutation and let it die. Mr. "I"m the dumbest car owner on the planet" Broder will keep writing inflammatory articles.

If gas were free would you wait an hour to fill up? people would wait hours today, right now... I've seen it. How much would time would you wait at a gas station to drive from LA to San Francisco for free? How much time would you wait at a gas station from Boston to Washington, DC for free? Or even NY City to Los Angeles soon?

This is the value proposition that a few people seem to ignore. People will work around free energy. They will accept more time at the pump if they don't have to pay for it. Yes, you pay a lot up front for the car, but over time, the costs savings all around become more apparent.

If you surveyed most of the purchasers of the MS right now, I willing to bet they aren't in the "1%". In fact, I'm willing to bet most financed the vehicle, and many would've never bought a car at this price point if it weren't a Tesla. You can bet that most all premium sedan owners didn't sell their cars the instant the model s came out and bought one. If you go by the exclusion of "only the 1%" logic, there ought to be a zero sum type reaction with sales (less Ice premium sedan sales proportionate to ms sales). But, that's not turning out to be the case. Ms sales are mysteriously higher even with typical premium sedan sales. It would appear 1% are materializing where none were before... How could this be? What's happening middle class people are starting to spend more to buy this car. They are seeing this as a value proposition unlike they have with the ice model. As people are more willing to wait hours for free gas, so too people are willing to spend more to money up front to achieve the long term benefits of the MS EV. The market never lies, some people need to pay attention more to the reality out there and accept the fact consumer values are shifting.

nora-te@sbcglob Thank You for such a thoughtful letter to the NYT.
The more we respond in a measured, less emotional way, the better response we can expect from the NYT and others.

My background is in the aerospace industry and I spent quite a few happy years designing aircraft engines. If airlines had refused to follow the maintenance manual for gas turbine engines, saying that their more rugged piston-driven props did not require that, we would still be polluting our planet with clouds of diesel fumes, the deafening clatter and vibration of piston engines, and taking twice as long, if not more, to get anywhere.

I do agree, however, that like many car manufacturers do, the S's range has been embellished somewhat. From other Tesla drivers on this Forum, we know that cold weather and having fun with this Vahana (a celestial vehicle of the Gods) can drop the 265 EPA range to around 170.
This will NOT deter many buyers of the Tesla. I am fortunate to live in sunny California, so I expect a range well over 200, but will always make sure my S is charged and be aware of the closest charging stations.
At this stage of the S's life, it's like a baby - you need to know where the rest-stops and changing rooms are. Fortunately, though, our baby always smells sweet - both when going in and coming out.

Thanks, again, nora-te@sbcglob for your letter. I hope someday we can all meet for the equivalent of a 'school reunion', with a permanently etched "Tesla smile" on our faces as we drive up in our Vahanas.

Tesla needs to make an example of the NYT. Top Gear weaseled out of their libel suit by claiming they were a fictional show for entertainment. I'd like to see the NYT do that... well, such a trick might work for Fox News.

Repost from the other thread -


While Big Oil and Detroit probably aren't displeased with this article, if you dig, I think you'll find a "friend" of Broder with a massive short position.

Broder's tilt misprepresented the car very likely for one coldly simple reason: Money.

The likely culprit is a player in a hedge fund. They'd have enough to gain to "go big" with a NYT reporter, rather than merely a small-time blog.

Shorting a stock and then trashing it in the media is rampant. It is a highly destructive force in our society. All of us should push back.

NYT and SEC should look at who held the largest short positions, and look for links to Broder.

The stinker is in that heap.

Brian, almost everyone here knows that your knowledge of English grammar is very good. That doesn't mean that you look down upon others and call them illiterate. I am sure that you have your share of flaws.

We are here to share our opinions of and hear others' points of view about Tesla. For us, this is a Tesla forum, and not necessarily a course in English grammar. I do appreciate your corrections, which can be helpful. At the same time, I can live without the name-calling.

~ Prash.
I do not usually post anything to Tesla’s forum even though I have been reading them just about every day since 2006. But, I’m making an exception for you. I have to say for you to come here and defend this jerk from the New York Times tells me that you are more of a moron than he is. After reading Elon Musk rebuttal to Mr. Broder story and studying the charts that clearly layout his actions along the way and the response from a representative from The New York Times: There was an intentional act to deceive and to persuade his viewers into believing that the Model S is not what it is hyped up to be. Even though everybody that has evaluated the Model S has given the car high marks. Are you trying to say that this guy knows more about cars than say, Motor Trend, Automobile and Yahoo Auto among others? I don’t think so!
It would behoove you to take your unsolicited comment somewhere else where it might be appreciated. Just in case you haven’t noticed this is a forum for Tesla ENTHUSIASTS not for people like yourself. So, you don’t have to go home but you need to get the hell out of here!!

Mark K --

High potential for a big short squeeze soon as sales numbers begin to accumulate. A need to cut and run from large short position with minimal damage would be attractive. The the riskier "methods" employed to do this are proportionate to the amount of potential loss in a squeeze... Seems 30%+ of entire float is being shorted... Could mean large positions might be looking for a way out. Even try to influence investor perception through sponsoring bad press.

I wrote to the Times's public editor, Margaret Sullivan, whose Sunday column investigates charges like this. Here is what I said:

Dear Ms Sullivan,

Like many readers I was dismayed to read John Broder's piece about the bad experience he claimed to have had driving the electric Tesla Model S and running out of charge. As an owner of this car, I felt his account did not ring true. Now that Tesla's Elon Musk has posted the company's version of what happened (, I think this controversy merits an investigation by the public editor. His charges are grave and I look forward to reading your assessment of where the truth lies.

Best wishes--

Val Schaffner

Interesting to note that the NYT conundrum is headline news in Norway too:
Gibberish for most here, but it is all in sympathy to TM and factual references to Elon's blog.

@Val - Well done. The civil public inquiry will encourage the NYT to find the truth.

NYT has nothing to fear from outing it. Digging deep for the truth will only burnish their reputation.

@ elasarte

I think we have already established that is a 14 year old troll.

Yes, that he is.

Brian, I’ve enjoyed many of your insightful comments – nonetheless my respect for you dwindle as you resort to name calling and blatant disregard for netiquette in a, usually, respectful forum environment.

fair and accurate sounds a little bit like fair and balanced.

Data can be so inconvenient sometimes..........

Just called NYT to cancel. I was asked for a reason (have to admit, I was hoping they'd ask)
I spoke for 5 minutes the reporters name, article, Tesla car, Elon's response!
(Guy at the other end of the line was pretty green)

Initially, I was a little ambivalent whether Elon should have been aggressive in his response.
That was before I saw the logs. Now, I fully support Elon's action.

He really decked Broder, didn't he.

What I find most interesting is that the "news feed" I get on my TSLA stock has not registered any of today's this buying time for the shorts to get out?

While I can certainly understand why everyone here is up in arms. I, too, am a fan of what Tesla has done with the Roadster and the S and I look forward to owning a Tesla in the future (not a reservation holder, yet). I don't see a conspiracy here though. What I see is a journalist taking some liberties with how he treated the car.

Just as this ( journalist points out, the test wasn't meant to be of the Model S, it was meant to be of the Supercharger network. Yes, I'm aware that it's incomplete. Perhaps Tesla should have held off on having an article done until it was more complete. Did he drive around in circles trying to kill the battery which already read 0 miles left or did he have trouble finding the charger? I have read quite a few reports of owners here having the same issues at other Superchargers so I chose to believe Broder when he says he couldn't find it. Much more plausible than some big oil or short conspiracy.

Was he trying to kill it for drama's sake? Perhaps. Or was he simply "playing dumb" a bit to show how someone might unintentionally mistreat their S? Much more likely (IMHO).

Has Mr. Musk overreacted? Perhaps. Maybe he's playing to the old adage that there's no such thing as bad press.

Oh and one more nit to pick, I too recall that Top Gear test of the Prius vs. the BMW, but it was an M3 ( Starts at 3:30 into this segment.


@Goneskiian - its clear now from the logs that the writer setup the test to fail. it was a dishonest review. Not sure what his intent was - I suspect it was to get attention and he did that.

Can't wait to write a response here on my laptop. Battery is running low, but i'm gonna keep typing. I have soo much to say... oops, computer about to shut down...

I think the problem is your charger....

Larmorfreq -- take a picture of yourself next to your drained laptop and a vacant wall plug so we can see how disappointed you are.

I would but my phone is about to die. See the attached picture taken from a phone with no juice...

Larmorfreq -- wow, I guess you couldn't send the attachment. Draw us a picture, send it in the mail to NYTimes and have them publish it so we can see it reposted on some other blog site.

WIRED, digging into the Tesla data. Some holes but more important more proof the a.hole lied.

“I was circling the parking lot in the service plaza looking for the unmarked and unlighted Supercharger port in the dark. I was not trying to drain the battery.” He repeated this claim to the San Jose Mercury News, saying “I was looking for the charger, which is not well labeled or lighted.” However, this was the second time Broder had been to the Newark Supercharger station, so why was it hard to find?


Seemed to have worked.

Margaret Sullivan ‏@Sulliview
On #Tesla: I'm on it, as they say. May take some time. Meanwhile, look for a point-by-point response on Wheels blog soon. #nytimes

@jeroens - Because he wasn't looking for the Newark charger. He was looking for the one in Milford CT.

Mr. Broder makes politicians look honest.

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