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To the MS guy on Elwood street in Almaden Valley this morning.

I blown my horn to compliment your black MS when you were pulling into your driveway in front of me. Then it dawned on me it could be taken the wrong way. I did give you thumb up but don't know if you have seen it.

Congrats for your very beautiful car!

Don't just beep; try 'Shave and a haircut'. ;)

Last week, I had a guy tailgating me and flashed his highbeams a couple times (he was not driving a Model S). It was night.

I checked to make sure my lights were on and everything, and I don't think I drove like a jerk. I didn't know how to take it and I just got creeped out. I didn't wave or anything.

So yeah I guess, I dunno what the point of my story was.

He just wanted a closer look at your car, and then to swap/carjack it.

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