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National Geographic Tesla Factory Documentary

here is a link to this great documenary, somebody catched it with sat TV- thanks for this!
... sadly language is russian (but You understand most of it blindly), awsome footage!
The upload still need at least 2 hours, so the link won't work before

Have fun!

T - 60min

T - 11min

You can download now! Again: nice footage of the S and the Tesla Factory...


if somebody can organize the english version... please go ahead =)

I'm a nerd. There is no hope for me.

Sooo, I was a bit bummed when they grey'd out or just plain quickly passed over the motor and battery details along with completly omitting anything on the speed controller.

From what I could see of the motor, WOW! It sure beats the Hacker Brushless ones I've been flying.

My Italian got better watching the vid but it would be nice to get the English version.

At some point the English version should be here:

Link dead..

"Error (509)
This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!"

dropbox denied it- much traffix on it-hmmm good good ... I upload it to youtube- link ASAP

Someone please upload the English version to Youtube!

Please refer to the other thread and let this one die:

The link to an English-version youtube video is there, too.

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