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Need a Wink Feature

I was sitting in my MS on the pole position at a red light, and then the traffic moving from my right began their left turn right past me. The first two drivers were staring right at my car when I flashed my brights. They both laughed and gave thumbs up. I really wish I could have just winked my left head light, as that would have been ever more fun. We need a head light wink feature.

Hey that's a great idea! Could probably be done inexpensively through software add-on for those people who would like to use it and it's a wonderful way supply original, fun, and surprising publicity by presenting a positive image. Only question is if auto regulations would allow that, but I doubt they have a rule against that. Other question is how to activate the feature easily and quickly would needing to add a physical button. Maybe a combination of a few other commands at once, like a keystroke on the keyboard of a computer? (CTRL+c, CTRL+v, TAB+ALT, ...)

Haha, funny and cool idea, though I doubt it would ever happen.

A simple on-off switch for 1 headlight, that you could flick, would do it. (Spring-loaded, so it would be "ON" when released.) Fun to use when seeing an approaching cruiser ....

There is a wink feature! DRL dims on turn signal side:
(Even more dramatic when filmed as documented on YouTube).

YouTube link?

+1. This would be really nice and fun to use.

By popular request...
Wink feature can be seen starting at 3:12 in this video by Ben Goodwin documenting "Tesla Model S Exterior Lighting." (By the way I highly recommend his YouTube channel on Model S).

The extra pulsation is an artifact of the LED drive frequency aliasing with respect to the camera CCD strobe/shutter speed, but by eye you see the definitive "wink" as the DRL dims on the side of the activated turn signal.

Kinda subtle. A complete ½-sec. off-on blackout is called for! A big, obvious wink!

I remember when I got my '92 Miata you could stick a diode in the light switch and get both headlights to pop and close. Pretty cool.

The folks who got the Miata remind me of the folks getting the Tesla. They care about innovation and like to try things new.

@ Velo1
You already have a wink feature. Simply have your DRL's on, and hold down the turn signal for a single click. See previous thread:

I just use the emergency lights for one quick blink of both front yellow turn signal lights (on and off quickly).

It is completely unique to anything else that you would typically do, and to other drivers it does not represent anything else (i.e, turning, brights, etc).

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