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New batteries that can last 27 years

The article does not say what the energy density is. Small moves in the right direction.

It says 10000 cycles with 85% capacity left. For ~240 miles / cycle that would be 2,400,000 miles with still 85% of the initial capacity left.

Not much use if you need two tons of those to get that 240 miles/charge though. Too bad that these news very rarely tell the energy density.

Hmmm, I thought I read something about energy density.

"The power density of these batteries, which measures the available power per unit of weight, is also very high at 1,100 watts per kilogram."

Is that not what that means?

1.1kw/kilogram for 85kw would equal only about 187 lbs. That would be awesome. But how much room do they occupy?

What about this? 4 x energy density, no cooling, fast charging, cheap.

kW is unit of power, kWh is unit of energy. Model S battery delivers about 300kW of power but has only 85kWh of energy. For power that is pretty close Tesla figures: the actual battery cells in Model S 85kWh battery pack weight somewhere around 365kg.

Sulfur "four times energy density" is very vague. Four times compared to what exactly? Li-ion is fast moving target right now.

I hate when these news leave important figures out every single time. You are lucky if there is a link in the news for actual study (there is a link, but I can't access it from this computer).

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