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New financing not available in TX

Just a heads up, due to the backwards dealer's association in TX Tesla can't offer the new financing option here.

I signed my paperwork (final MVPA) yesterday here in TX and looked long and hard at the new financing, and to be honest, unless you believe that the car will be worth less than 43% of its value in 3 years, you're better off financing at < 2% versus Tesla's nearly 3% anyway.

Who'd you finance with? I'm trying to decide now.

Note that the new financing is only available in CA/CO/IL/FL/NJ/NY/OR/WA according to the email they sent out. Since they know my address, I don't know why they sent me spam about it (not to mention, I already have the car and don't have another outstanding order, so it seems unlikely I would be interested).

I'm planning to use Amplify...pre-approved at 1.69% for 66 mos. for 100%+ value of the car, but that goes up if the car isn't here by 4/30 (Tesla says probably here by 4/27, but they're not certain). University Federal is pretty decent, too, but there's another national one that's at 1.69% or so still somewhere in the financing threads that I'll switch to if I go past 4/27.


Well if you already own a Model S and are happy with it you may want to get a second one for your wife/parent/kid or let your brother/friend/coworker who likes your model S that it is easier to buy one now. Not spam...

I have just completed he financing process although I live in a state that doesn't support Tesla sales either. I simply flew to a state that had Tesla financing (CA), signed, paid no taxes (paid them later in home state at registration). Went super smoothly and I just took delivery this past Friday. Highly recommend this over third pay financing.

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