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New Multi Coat Red in Design Studio

This morning I noticed the new multi-coat red is shown in Design Studio. Looks to me to be very close to the Signature Red, not the flat Red displayed at various events. Anyone know if it is the same?

Sad. I had decided on blue but began to consider the vibrant sunset red after a while. But this new red is way too dark for me, so blue it is then.

jkirkebo. If you thought the red was too dark. I pointed out a black "S" to my wife as we were driving down to La Jolla. She smiled at me and said, it is a beautiful car, a beautiful BLUE car.

Sunset red, no just red. Red multi-layer no wait, not the final red. Motor Trend red, no more like the Miami red. No it's the red sample in the stories except, you guessed it, that's not really what the red will look like.

Will the real red, the red many of us swapped our original cars for, please stand up. This is getting to be ridiculous.

I agree - Tesla needs to take a picture of the car in the new red in the sunlight is the same manner they did all of the other colors.

As far as I know TM doesn't know themselves. Although if anybody can do it, why not.

Petero: I have nothing against black or dark blue colors. Red however is a color I don't find appealing if it's too dark. I hate maroon...

Ditto... Will be very disappointing if it's more like maroon. It should be what is displayed in the stores... Why would it be different?

Maybe go to a store and take the plastic sample out in the sun light. That's what we did at Santana Row, and I think I have a pretty good idea of what it will look like. I don't think it matters if the paint is on plastic or aluminum.

Elon doesn't like you, because he loves dark colours like maroon.

I have some good news for Red Color car buyers. Finally after weeks of negotiations I received a 100% guarantee ( if you can trust Tesla ) that this is the real Red Color coming up in March. Please take a look:

All samples that were sent to all dealer stores are incorrect and were sent by mistake. So hope everybody is happy now. I think this information will push me a little bit back in line. But it's ok. Hope Tesla will fix all the minor problems with electronics they have right now until my baby arrives.

these photos are from late September and were shown on the Tesla site early October!

Wow, now I really don't know what to believe!

I will now dub this new color 'Mystery Red'. :)

The TM rep. Jeff who is closer the top of the TM management than any salesmen in US stores said he guarantees this color. Let's pray he is telling the truth.

ylyubarsky - what, if anything, does "this color" have to do with the red seen in the Motor Trend studio shots? I (we) appreciate your 100% guarantee but please excuse us if we still have some skeptisism since TCM themselves seem to be having a hard knowing what to believe. That said, good job for your weeks of negotiations. :o)

Trying again to show the samples captured with a flash - uploaded image to Flikr:

Fail. ;-(

Steve - Ylyubarsky tells us those in-store samples are incorrect and not to be relied upon for the true color. ??

My money is on the store samples being correct. Can't believe they didn't use the correct color on those samples. Could be wrong...only time will tell

Looking closely at the store samples, I did notice a very fine glitter to the paint that caught highlights. Very subtle though. While I was very happy with the samples, I wouldn't mind a slightly bolder sparkle.

As I said before, if we can't trust Tesla Rep from the team that works at the factory, who should we trust? His name is Jeffrey Chu. Direct line 650.681.5668 email : I hope all this information can convince a few of you. Please call him or write him to make sure I didn't make it up. I want to know the real color not less than anybody else and hope that Jeff knows what he is talking about.

All I can say is that if he is correct that's really awful for Tesla, because I say if you can't trust the company's provided actual paint sample for a car you are going to spend a lot of money for, I no longer trust anything. Instead of looking at an actual recent paint sample you're supposed to go off of a really old picture that's supposed to be more accurate.

Flickr is getting kind of pissy about this.

Here's my attempt:

Fail. Here's the other option:

OK! In the "Share" dropdown menu is a lengthy HTML address like this:
a href="" title="Untitled by Steve Proteau, on Flickr">Untitled

(I deleted the opening and closing carets to {partly} disable it) for illustration.

Just paste directly. It embeds a Tooltip referencing the source, which satisfies Flickr's "Guidelines", apparently.


Thanks Brian! That was easy!



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