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New Multi Coat Red in Design Studio

This morning I noticed the new multi-coat red is shown in Design Studio. Looks to me to be very close to the Signature Red, not the flat Red displayed at various events. Anyone know if it is the same?

I actually think that red looks pretty hot!

Particularly if this is not the color they are going to build

I was not sold on the 2013 red UNTIL I saw the samples at the Tesla Store. I didn't really love the earlier photos, where it looked pretty bright and flat. Seeing the sample firsthand changed my mind and I am pretty set to go with the 2013 red when it's time to finalize (14175). Now, I'm a bit confused. I would love to see some official response. For what it's worth, the mockup in the Design Studio seems to match the paint samples pretty closely. I'm hoping they go with this color as it stands in the Tesla Store.

joshuaeven - I'm with you. Hope the Design Studio and paint samples more closely represent the final color. I'm guessing we will need to wait until the actual production paint on cars is available to view.

I suppose there are worse things in the world to fret about.

What is the latest on when Red should be expected. I think I will be asked to configure in a week or two (#14514). If going with Red will push me back 3-4 months, then would rather pick another color (grey?)

All accounts indicate that March will be when the red multi-layer production will start. Don't know how many are in front of you though. April/May?

Thanks .. so it is pushing me back couple of months.. not bad. I'd rather wait couple of months for the red. Noticed that someone with 13907 for red got April-May delivery and others without red got Feb-March.

I am ok with the wait. A little more time to work out the bugs and still kept the 2012 price.

I received an email from my Tesla specialist assuring me that the photo he sent me is the new red. I would like to post this photo but I am not sure how to insert into the forum. Can someone tell me the way to load a .jpg file? Thanks!

@Cindy - Brian H seems to have this nailed. If you don't hear from him, try "volkerizing" the subject.

Cindy.holland Could you please email it to me at Thanks

Looks like my version of Red color is proven again for a different source.

Not the dark red that you can see in stores

Sorry "From a different source"

Save it on Photobucket or imageshack or Flickr or any website you currently can put photos on. Capture the specific URL of that picture, and insert it in this sequence where indicated:

<img src="the URL goes here" width="pixels" height="pixels">

All the quote marks are necessary. the width and height detail can be omitted if your picture already fits a page this size. (Double check; an inch is about 72 pixels).

Flickr, btw, has special instructions. Under "source", copy the entire large box of HTML code specified, or their site will "refuse" the connection. A right-click "context menu" offers the choice "Copy image location" on a standard website.

(P: 14291) Finalized

Model S performance , 85 kWh, multi-coat red, Gray 21", pano, tech, studio sound, air, black Napa leather/alcantara with red piping, twin charger, Paint armor, HPWC. estimated delivery April-May 2013.

is this correct? it seems there are a lot of multi coat red ordered before me.

Any ideas what's a realistic delivery window?

May 2nd, at 1:15 a.m. Give or take a month or two. ;p

Too many "balls in the air" right now.

@brian H

Lol, who knows from April to December 2013!!!

Here a movie from the autoshow in Detroit
possible that this is the new red???

I hope finally you can agree with me that the link from September that I posted January 7-th is the right color that we are all waiting for.

Reminding again


I'm wondering... How old are you?

Sometimes your posts make you sound like a little kid: I told you so! I told you so!

ylyubarsky - As I posted earlier my money is on the color samples in the stores

Let's just wait for the first customer to get his/her production multi-coat red and then ask him/her to post pictures! A new thread might be more useful, since this thread has lots of conflicting info.

I remember reading someone in the 1xxx reservation number range that switched to the new Red. Myself I'm 4605 so I don't expect to be the first, but if I get my car in Mar or April, I'll definitely post some pics and youtube clips. :)

GoTeslaChicago - I think it's good to be a little kid, even if you are 50+

But seriously it looks like no matter how many times you prove that it's white, you will still hear people that have doubts. I am really tired and won't say anything further. - if you still think that the right red color is in stores, good luck!

Everyone is right! Mitchell Baker, Product Specialist confirmed for me that the color samples in the Tesla Stores ARE the 2013 red that we will see come the spring. They are the same color as the outdoor, bright-sunlight red cars we have seen at the Get Amped events (the one with the back roof) and on the videos of people taking them for test drives. The are just small and indoors, so they seem darker than the other posted images (again- bright sunlight).
I have been a little freaked out finalizing on a color that was still the subject of so much debate. I feel like this is the closure I need. Now to wait for the real things to start showing up!


Thanks for taking my jibe in a mature way!

Personally, I prefer the darker richer red as in the store samples to the bright Sunset? Red in the photo shoot.

As far as to whether what a Tesla employee said is gospel, I called the Oak Brook store to ask someone to verify the width of the Model S with a tape measure after the website changed the specs (about a year ago). They didn't do that, but rather said they checked with HQ and the specs on the website were correct. Several months later the web site specs changed again to the wider width!

Time will tell.

I'm now leaning to Josh & Mitchell Baker everyone is (partly) right theory.

I compared the design studio Blue to the photo shoot blue and the design studio blue is much darker than the one in full sun, just like the design studio red is darker than the red car in full sun.

So it is quite possible that the picture ylyubarsky is talking about is correct, although most of the time, when not in bright sun the actual red will appear more like the design studio red (hopefully).

Yes, I'm not sure I understand the latest "proof". Are you referring to the Detroit motor show video?

Here's a screencap from the video:

and here's one of the pictures above of the in store sample:

Looks like the same color to me. Like all the Tesla colors it looks really different in different lights. I've never been saying the old photo isn't correct, just that I don't believe the in store samples are somehow "in error".

I personally took a sample and put it next to the car inside Miami store. Colors are different. Camera makes pictures and change colors but naked eye does the job. Colors are different although on 2 pictures shown above look close

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