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No "clicking" sound for turn signal/ Display stays on overnight and Mobile Connector Ground Fault Message.


I noticed that sometimes the displays are automatically turned on even when the car is locked and stay on. When this happens, you also lose the "clicking" sound for the turn signals AND the temperature display on the upper corner of the touch screen, like _ _ _ ºC This already happened four times on my car.

Rebooting the whole system will solve the problem. But what is the cause?


I dropped the transducer from a 6 inches height while it's on but not plugged into the car and it gave me a Ground-Fault(1 flashing red) message. Problem solved by re-connect to the outlet. anyone know what's cause this to happen?


So many software problems on my car :( Having 12V battery replacement message and was told to wait for the next update; Roof was not opening from day one, called the service center and I was told to wait for the next update. -_- Guess you can blame the software for everything............



I've had this problem twice, both happened when the the vehchle is

left in the cold weather, unplugged. No big deal, hope Tesla will

get this fixed with the next update.

Same software issues. Interestingly, I was fine for a few days after the 4.0 update, but everything went south when I toggled into the battery-saving range mode. Others have mentioned this.

I've definitely had the "no turn signal clicking noise" happen to me. Seems to come and go randomly.
It has been cold here in SO Cal, but don't know if that's the cause.

I've had the turn signal click and temperature display go away once, and fixed by rebooting the main display. It wasn't particularly cold at the time, and that is the only time I have had to reboot either (I am running 4.1).

I've had this problem once but after reboot everything has worked fine. Since 4.2 this hasn't repeated.

Try rebooting both the guage cluster display and the center console. It should fix the problem.

To reboot the guage cluster:
Press and hold each of the buttons that is above the scroll wheel on each side of the steering wheel for several seconds. Let go when the guage cluster screen shuts off.

To reboot the center console:
Press and hold scroll wheels on the steering wheel for several seconds. Let go when the console screen shuts off.

Yeah, of course it would be nice if these problems never occurred, but if you do see something wierd like that, rebooting seems to fix it.

I think these were all 4.1 sleep mode related issues.


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