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One more time for my homie Brian H

Sorry for the repeat post (last one was on private, thanks again @Bighorn)



Actually, I was hoping to see the spontaneous reaction when you goosed it!

Haha!... unfortunately that will have to wait until I have my own. They didn't let her come along for the face-melting half-hour P85 test drive. She already has the "Zero Emissions... Almost" onesie for the maiden voyage.f

Did she emit during the test drive?

Or rather, her test non-drive?

Per report from her mother, she was both louder and greater in emissions than the P85 I was driving.


thumbs up NoMo!

Thanks, lola! She's pretty excited about the MS, and insists on at least the P85. I've started teaching her about toe and camber in your honor :)

Is she Ga-Ga about the topics?

In fact she is, but won't post yet because she's concerned that her grammar and spelling aren't up to par ;)

Allowances can be made for the pre-educated.

You should speak to her about inadequate airbag protection, but it may be over her head.

Nice one :) However, I doubt there will be any inadequacy of air or gas where she is concerned.

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