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Personal Confession, my feelings with my Model S

Hi All,

I had to write to confess this morning that I woke up with an extra big smile on my face, and extra skip in my step and a confidence and happiness that I must admit I haven't felt in a REALLY long time. I feel really weird about it too!! Is it normal for a car to give one such a great feeling that is contagious, others have noticed, and my wife jokes that I love the car more then her (which isn't true, it's just new). Anyway, wanted to share my confession and get opinions. I really love the car and have to wonder if this is how Elon feels all the time, well, when he's not worrying about Tesla Motors, SpaceX and Solar City that is? :)

@BYT: I agree with you 100% too! Worst part is I don't even have mine (P8460 Feb/Mar). However, I am still completely in awe of Tesla Model S. I have been following Tesla since 2006 and they have been taking it to the next level year over year!

I test drove a Model S again yesterday, and then immediately went to an Audi dealership to test drive an A7. I really like the A7, I think the seats and finishes are of superior quality, I think it's a slightly better-looking car.

And then the salesman started showing me how to input addresses into the Nav system - there's like a touchpad where you draw letters with your finger one at a time to spell the address you're going to.

It's the stupidest thing I've ever seen, and may well have made up my mind to proceed with the Model S. The touchscreen is such a no-brainer - every other car has such a convoluted "infotainment" system/controller, it's kind of embarrassing.

A month ago @ 42 y.o. I had a small heart attack and as I was going into the procedure room I told my wife I had 3 things to live for....

1.My Family
2.My Tesla
3.New Star Wars Movies

Then she asked if I was sure that was the correct order.......

You guys frighten me.

@archibaldcrane: There is DEFINITELY no comparison with A7 and Model S. Glad you found your way back!

@lightly: Hope you are recovering well from it - but LOL @ your wife!

LOL, thanks guys, I knew if I could get validation anywhere, it would be here and I especially liked your post lightly, I have to concur with your list!! :D Hope you make a full recovery and enjoy many MANDY years with the first 2, I don't know how much longer they will make Star Wars movies but now that Disney bought the rights, who knows??

@Volker.Berlin, lighten up man... :D

@ archibaldcrane

I also test drove an A7. To be fair, it has that touchpad thingy, but I used voice commands to set destination and radio selection and it worked perfectly and easily. If that is the reason you are a Model S person, that is not valid.

BYT, I think it is a given for a Model S owner. My husband laughs at me. I dare anyone to frown when driving a Model S. Our code name is car therapy. I especially love it when people in Audi, BMW, Mercedes, etc do a double take when I drive by. Yep, I have the cooler car!

We got about 10 inches of snow after Christmas and I wanted to go to a parking lot and do doughnuts so bad. It's been 15 years since I have had a rear wheel drive car (Camero). I tried to get it to fish tail or slide a bit in a parking lot and it didn't really want to. I guess I have to get more convincing, but didn't want to push it. Enjoy yours!


I had been having chest discomfort and had convinced myself I needed a bypass, has my father did many years ago. So I had a echo/stress test and passed with flying colors. I had promised myself if I did not need heart surgery, I would get a great car as life is too short. So I will!

@mw The time to push is on the test drive when it's not your car :) I kicked the rear out, albeit briefly, at the end of the test drive but had already mentioned to the rep that I had a performance driving background.

@lajollan - yeah, I prefer to use voice controls when possible too. Honestly I'd rather have the Model S's drivetrain/touchscreen with Audi A7-style seats/finishes, but yeah. The A7 is a bit expensive with gas than the Model S 60kwh I'm likely getting. I just feel that the constantly improving touchscreen experience, with apps soon to come, is infinitely superior to the locked-down, mediocre engineered control systems in the BMW/Audi vehicles.

I was also kind of shocked that Audi didn't have built-in prepaid maintenance with a new car purchase. I thought all the higher-end manufacturers (other than Tesla) did that, hell my wife's Jetta had it for 30k miles.

Remember when a Sunday drive was a family ritual, but succumbed to high gas prices? I do, and after my S arrives next week my wife and I plan to reinstitute those drives (without our kids) again. A new culture, again.

erm, "no cost" maintenance I mean.

@ archibaldcrane

The only high end car company that includes 4 year maintenance is BMW.
Others have had it in the past, but discontinued it. Audi had it until 2007.

I had a BMW. No surprise they have it- because those cars are maintenance hogs and very expensive to work on. Deferring the maintenance sticker shock is necessary to get people to buy them. Volvo had the same deal until the end of 2012. Their reliability seems to be improving, though.

This lack of knowledge is what I get for driving a Nissan Sentra for the past 10 years. :)

Deep Dark confessions of an early EV adopter

I'm getting mine in a couple of weeks P2124. I've been shopping for an EV 5 years.

The three things that I secretly feel (sometimes not so secretly)

1) This will be my first luxury car and it will be one that everyone admires (the valet at the country club already has a place picked out for it)

2) I'm proud to have picked the car and invested in the company 2 1/2 years before Motor Trend thought it was cool

3) I'll own the first 100% electric in Trenton, a city where I'm one of maybe 20 Republicans. I stay annoyed with the crunchy granola "set" and think Prius' are as ugly as Birkenstocks.

So my mean-spiritedness and vanity are coming through.

@BigTex there was no snow in Fremont, CA in June when I went for my test drive :)


I own a 2012 A7 (loaded) and thought this would be my car for a long time till I drove the Tesla. I really love the A7 - great to drive, nice looking, good technology (other than the touchpad) like Google Earth, etc. and also get lots of compliments on it. But then I made the mistake of driving the MS.

I have to finalize my order by this Saturday but am having a really hard time given Tesla does not do trade-ins. I really want the MS but am afraid I will take a bath on the A7 if I unload it now without any possibility of a trade in credit from Tesla. I can't even find a true/fair value of what the A7 is on any of the websites (KBB, Edmunds, NADA, etc.) so it makes selling it that much harder. Decisions!

@mw No snow in Los Angeles when I did mine either!

I was told Tesla does take trade-ins, they are partnerin with someone, but since I am not trading in my car, I didn't look into it...any owners who htraded in a car with Tesla that can help Archibald above?

RBats, clearly you can use a site like to give an idea of what people are listing comparable 2012 A7s for:

Erm, most of those were dealer sales, here's the private party sales:

And here's the private sellers:[AUDI[A7[]][]]&modelCode1=A7&makeCode1=AUDI&startYear=2012&showcaseOwnerId=63571739&searchRadius=0&sortBy=derivedpriceASC

my rep told me the trade in value is not high and I am better off selling my old car on my own, so I did.
@rbats new car loses a lot of value right away, so I am sure you arenot going to get a great trdein, but maybe just list it on ebay classified (free listing) and see if you get any takers.

@velo1 yeah the model S definitely makes it more fun for people to do the Sunday drive, which I did, and also road trips, which we ares eeing more reports!

I've been on a business trip since ours arrived. Was able to drive it like one block before having to leave for the airport.

My wife, however, is having a ball. Only concern is getting a ticket (she popped up to 90 MPH on her freeway commute), and she couldn't get in the car (I forgot to tell her you had to touch the door handles...).

She works at a elementary school, and people were like, "What kind of car is that? Who makes it?" We're talking Everett, WA here... She keeps saying "Tesla", but people keep asking, "No, who makes it?"

Extremely cool car...


BYT: You are not alone. Two months and 3100 miles later I have the same "thrill" when I get behind the wheel. On days that I do not drive the "silver streak" I have what might be termed withdrawl symptoms. Having traffic stopped by pedestrians in the cross walk taking pictures or having the Jaguar dealer reps examining the car while I quietly watch from the cafe window, or the countless times I answer "it is a Tesla" and then Tesla again when they ask who makes it, or when I open the frunk to show them the 416 hp that they think is under the hood and the astonished look when it actually sinks in that I had already told them it is electric are the simple daily things that just keep the feeling alive. I believe it will be a long time, if ever, before the Tesla glow goes away.
Keep enjoying yours just like I will keep enjoying mine and God speed to all those still waiting. The wait is worth every second.

@Volker - LOL

@BYT - when the delivery driver turned up with the car he was trying to figure out which house he was delivering to - and then he saw my Tesla Grin.

Man, you guys are killing me. :)

Reserved 3 weeks ago. Longest 3 weeks of my life.

I've got to say my office and all my friends think this is more important than anything else in my life. We are finally going to be rewarded for 3 years of waiting for the MS (60kw in 2 weeks or so). I doubt my Tesla grin will not go away for a long while. Taking a road trip to pick it up at the factory and get the tour.

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