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Range Estimating App

I've been looking at the performance curves for the Roadster, trying to figure out which battery capacity I should be thinking about when I get to order my Model S. When the Alpha testing is completed, I'd love to see an app that uses my iPhone's GPS to estimate the actual power consumption for my 80 mile round trip commute. Considering that speeds range from 65-75mph, the 160 mile battery pack may be cutting it close.


For that commute, I'd strongly consider the 230 mile pack. Considering you should normally charge in standard mode, you're starting with about 80% of the pack's range so about 184 miles in ideal miles. More realistically it's probably closer to 160 miles. Then if most of your trip is at highways speeds, it's going to be a little lower. This would probably give you about a 60 mile buffer which would allow you to drive all you wanted at your destination and not worry too much about having to recharge to make it back. These numbers are just approximations of course but I believe relatively accurate. You'd probably only have about a 20-30 mile buffer in standard mode on the 160 mile pack.

See this Tesla blog, especially the Range vs. Speed to see how much the range is cut going 65-75 mph.

I assume you meant to say 160 mile round trip, 80 miles each way.

AFAIK, the built-in range estimator tracks your driving pattern and does the estimation right on-screen. If you've got a lead foot, it shortens. If you naturally hyper-mile, it lengthens. Etc.

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