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Rear audio volume low

I have the standard audio package and have noticed that the rear audio volume is much lower than that of the front speakers system. Anyone else notice this?

I adjusted the fader to get the desired balance
I think it was 8 to the back

Yes but with fader at 8 to the back, the overall volume becomes rather low.

it goes to 11
my ears start to hurt at 9

Wow there must be something wrong with my system then. I have the upgraded system too. I have to fade to 13/14 to balance things. I'll have the volume at 11 frequently and feel like I could use more. Dolby just makes the music come out of one speaker.

I often wondered about that whether my system was performing properly. I've been patiently waiting for a firmware update to fix it.

I don't sit in the back so I don't care.

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