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Rumored supercharger locations

Hey just wanted to make a clear forum one where some rumored superchargers are being set up!
Please add source!

I think a high traffic area like Chicago would make sense, especially since there are a lot of tourists and suburbanites going into the city. If the nearest supercharger was 150 miles away, that would leave a lot of unhappy travelers stranded. There are many stories on this forum about ICE cars parking in EV charging spots as it is, it could be a real pain to find an empty one in such a big city.

It's been reported over at TMC that Centralia and Ellensburg here in Washington state have been rumored to be getting superchargers.

@Brian H
Changed your tune a little huh. Chicago will get one for the same reason Seattle will and 2 in NY (one on the Jersey side)

Your misunderstanding is way too deep to deal with. Enjoy.

@Brian H
uh huh... Like 'global warming has plateaued' too deep.
Chicago is exactly one of those exception crossroads I mentioned would be able to accommodate a 'between cities' placements , along with Seattle, LA (which already has one) , and NY which already has 2 on the Tesla map (one each side NY, Jersey). Guess we'll see, but you just admitted Chicago might get one, when previously lashing out that any such talk was indicative of 'not grasping'. I think u need to grab your ankles again.
:) enjoying very much thank you!

I doubt that one will be located directly in Chicago. I think the expectation is to place them some distance out of the city. What I do suspect is that there will be one in Toledo and one between Chicago and Toledo. Going the westerly direction, probably somewhere along interstate 80, since that goes West all the way compared to the other expressways around here. If Chicago is a destination for someone, the assumption is also that they would be spending the night or at a destination spot that could allow some sort of a charge, whether it be an official charging spotlight ChargePoint or someone's home plug or PlugShare. i just really need one somewhere between Chicago and Detroit. Unfortunately, if there is an expectation to put 100 of them in soon, that would mean at least a couple every couple of months and I haven't heard about any for the last several months.

As far as directly in Chicago, somebody could plug in at the Oakbrook Shopping Ctr., Tesla store, since they have one free all the time and then there is the center downtown where service can be performed and then the north side store.

Actually, about 10/month for the rest of 2013! But TM announces them only when they're "ready for business".

Read slowly, aloud if necessary: The LA placement is at a TM/Solar City/SpaceX corporate facility, and was a demo, a "proof of principle". That will not be duplicated.

Solar City can put up arrays to sustain Model S intercity/interstate/international travel, but freeloading daily commuters would be too much to carry.

drp, the stores and Service centers have 1450 outlets, NOT Superchargers. Maybe if you have all day....

When I contacted DriveElectricVermont about whether or not anyone had contacted Tesla in regards to placing a Supercharger somewhere in the state, I got this response:

"We have contacted the Tesla supercharger staff to discuss their plans for Vermont. They are currently considering the White River Jct area to serve long distance travel on I89/91. They have indicated a willingness to consider other locations in the future, but this will depend on their sales in terms of what they can afford to invest in additional infrastructure."


Good point. I Imply that there will not be superchargers in the city but if your in a pinch you ca get a few kw to make it to a supercharger or someone's plug share HPWC.

@ Brian H
Thanks for that, reading slowly and aloud really helped understand the words. Yes those were the words you used before and I understood them then as well. And if you repeat them again, you might believe them yourself. I think there's a misunderstanding here. I and most everyone else understands SCs are designed to go between cities- I don't even understand your pride in even making that obvious point. the more subtle point I've been making is that certain major cities are in fact positioned in a way to be both destination and 'between' other major destinations.

This happens especially when that city is at Interstate crossroads (north-south : east-west); Like the examples I used. In this case I would expect the possibility of SCc to be placed (not necessarily downtown) but well inside 100 mile radius, because there's no other way to travel through the city going north-south , then change to east-west destinations and make it to the next SCc - Looking on the SC map Tesla produced looks to incorporate this idea for a few major cities.

NY is even a more specialized case because of it's shear size (like LA- yes I know you say that's a one off - I'm suggesting beyond creative imagination that you may be wrong about that). Either way and whoever is right, the nature of your comments hasn't helped communicate and clarify and a different tact might prove more efficient.

In fact, on page 1 of this very thread, you decided there might just be one chance in heck that you would be wrong when admitting the very point being made for your consideration over and over (perhaps reading slowly and aloud would be self-advisable)

quote from your page 1 post:
"The only reason I could see for that (SC in Chicago area) would be if Chicago was 150 mi in either direction from another one. A mid-point. Even then, it should be on a site accessible to the through-way."

really? that's a novel thought you condemned others for even considering a short time ago... what-up?

I agree with you that it won't be a normal situation and maybe you'll be right, no other major city in America will have an SC anywhere around it. We'll see. To the point of others here- it may not be a big deal to force longer charging to continue your cross country trip- You have a good point about it being used by too many people if it's too accessible - I'm wondering if eventually that won't even be a concern. i also like your point regarding Solar City ability regardless of SC location. peace

I think the point that Brian is trying to make is that even though it is a midpoint for other cities, Tesla will avoid putting superchargers about 50 miles or closer to large destinations. They can put ones on the outside of Chicago, maybe 100 miles out. Tesla does not want commuters free loading electricity. Lets try to keep the hostility down. Chicago is not really a midpoint since all the roads are like 20-30 miles a apart, they don't all meet in a magical place, Chicago is a destination if anything or a point that owners leave from. They don't need a supercharger there. I would like to see Tesla rather complete the east and west coast projects, than make a semi complete route for people.

Hey guys, this thread is for people to post actual rumors of where SCs are going to be built along with a link to the rumor if possible. No speculation please.

+ 1

thank you

Judging by CA and the Northeast, the most likely spots are between 2 high sales volume spots/areas. Guesstimate the hotspots, or use the zeemap to find centers separated by ~300 miles. Pick the midpoints. Those will likely be the "seeds".

So still no announced stations? No one has heard anything???


Did my posts about the new station in Kingston Ontario CANADA
not meet your requirements? The source of the information is the specialists at the Toronto Store, and their # is 416-787-8006 if you need verification.

Just sayin', eh.



No not at all why? Did I accidentally flagged your post as inappropriate or something? Sorry if that happened. Sometimes when I scroll the page I hit that spot twice and it accidentally does that. I have never flagged anything inappropriate intentionally. Or was there something else that I said? good rumors lately? We need some good scouts out there!

Here's what Elon just said on
"We're also establishing superchargers in the Seattle area, the Dallas-Houston corridor, Chicago, Florida"

Page 3

Vail, CO. The scout team took the demo car from the Denver store up to scout a certain location in Vail.

I would like to drive from New Mexico to Maine.. any chance I can do it in fewer than 10 days ??? WHERE are there superchargers ?? driving 300 miles a day is not exactly a reasonable cross country trip.. with a dog in the car..
Is there a solution ??

"no announced stations?" Kingston is a station. It is announced. So "no" is false. QED.

Sorry about that. I missed the post.

Brian H

Thank you.

The last station opened on December 21, so nothing in 2.5 months. TM has nine open since September, nearly six months in process, and needs to open that many every month this year, including March, in order to meet its 2013 target. Want to start an over/under pool?

Silly assumption, that the openings will be spread evenly throughout the period. Obviously the preparatory approval-application work will take up most of the time, up front. The construction cycle is relatively short and painless, and hence openings will cluster at the end of the period.

Elon listed a number of areas where many openings were imminent, though. Patience, grasshoppers.

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