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San Antonio, TX

Anyone in the San Antonio, TX area already have a Roadster or waiting for a Model S?  I'm waiting on a Model S myself.  Thanks.

Never got s confirmation. I'm gone next Saturday, I'll shoot for Saturday, 4/20.

I have contacted the Pearl Brewery folks again to see if we can set up in a lot Saturday morning, 4/20. Sort of an Earth Day celebration, I hope they say yes. They said they'd let me know, I'll update you when I hear.

Anyone here tried out the chargers near the movie theater at the RIM shopping center? For that matter are there any nearby alternatives? I usually stay at the Westin La Cantera, and I don't believe they have chargers. With a 60 kwh, getting to San Antonio from Austin is no problem, but getting back is!

Just a FYI for anyone coming to Austin. Both the Tesla Service Center and the Tesla Gallery have HPWCs available for free charging. The Gallery is in The Domain and the HPWC is in the parking structure across the street (free parking, open 24hrs). The Service Center HPWC is probably only available during business hours.

Hi @riceguy,

Funny, I stayed at the Marriott cy at the RIM Saturday night, worked great for me, it was about a 10 min walk to the marriott so i did a full night charge ($1/hr at ~21 miles /hr) an they had vid surveillance. the problem you might face is of the 5 chargers, 3 were being used by ICE cars when I showed up. Even worse , one was a manager of the theatre. (Saw him get out of a silver small sedan). But an overnight should be free.

Worked great.

Just discovered this San Antonio connection. Took delivery about a month ago on a black/black pano 85P, grey 21" wheels, with all the bells and whistles. Simply amazing! I' m never going back to ICE.

@dhruska- Welcome.. glad to see more and more showing up in San Antonio. I actually just saw my first MS (other than mine) in town yesterday. A white one headed north on Bulverde.

Keeping an eye out for the rest of you all. Hard to miss those sweet looking DRLs.

@riceuguy- Only charger I've used in town is the free one by Kohls (281 & 1604). Chargepoint, 30A. Call the 800 number if you don't have a Chargepoint proxy card and they'll start it. I got about 17-20 mi/hr. A lot of nearby restaraunts and shopping (make sure you stop in Kohls to keep it legal).

New guy here - took delivery of my grey model S about a month ago in San Antonio. i absolutely love it.

only two slight problems noticed thus far.

1. wasn't watching it closely enough recently on an evening trip to austin and back. Ran the AC full blast up there and didn't have enough range to get back. had to stop at random hotel at 11 pm to get at least 10 more miles of range. big pain but lesson learned.

2. my car gets hot (and it's only May!).

All in, I am thrilled with the car and smile every time I pass a Valero. This needs to keep happening for electric car sales.

@rmiggins: Congrats on delivery. I noticed the heat too, so I took it and got 30% Solargard Ultra tint installed on 4 sides and the rear. Supposed to block 95% of heat. It made a noticible difference. Now I feel way more heat come through the windshield than I do the sides.

360 Tint in town did mine for $430. They've done a couple Model S's now.

And don't forget there are chargers at the Austin Service Center and the Domain Gallery, in case you need them in the future.

Hopefully we'll get some good news about Texas Superchargers this week.


There is an iphone app called PlugShare.

Pulls up a map of all EV charging stations around your location and provides details about each one.

9 more days! August 7.... Bated breath.

Jie - Congratulations, hope your baby is delivered on time and they don's have to do a T-Section!

I have ordered a Model S in grey, but have a few days before the start of build date and would like to see one in silver. Anyone out there close and willing to show off your silver S?

I will be in SA for a conference on Sunday and will have my silver Model S at the Westin Riverwalk if nothing else comes through before then...feel free to email me at my screen name

Sorry if it's already been posted elsewhere, but it looks like we've confirmed a San Antonio Service Center soon with this job posting:

Service Manager - San Antonio, TX
Req. ID: 13520
Office Location: US-TX-San Antonio-Service
# of openings: 1
Job Shift: N/A
Job Type: Full time

Hey there, y'all! I just joined the family! My black 85kwh Model S arrived on Saturday. I haven't named her yet. :)
I'm surprised at how few SA owners there seem to be. Wonder how we might drum up some excitement... I know my friends are jealous as can be.
Oh, and while I was picking up my car, I learned that the soon-to-be manager of the SA service center is doing his training/apprenticeship up in Austin. So, it looks like it's going to happen soon!
If there's a mailing list for Tesla owners in our area, I'd love to join.
Happy Holidays,

Tomorrow we go to Austin to pick up our new Model S! Does anyone besides me travel to the Padre Island area? If so, please join me in asking Tesla to install at least one supercharger on Highway 37 and possibly another on Padre Island. There are very few EV charging sites in the Corpus Christi area, which makes it impractical to attempt to travel there with a Model S.

Hi everyone, I will be ordering my model S in the next few weeks. I look forward to hearing from fellow SA owners. I contacted Alliance credit union and got a great offer, but I think I jumped the gun and contacted them too early. Any advice on when I should start the financing process, I read I should do it right before delivery. However I dont want to miss out on the great rate that Alliance has offered, any advice would be welcome. Also any advice on preparation, time line, etc that is relevant to SA order and delivery would be welcome. I have read a lot of the forum but would love to hear from local owners. Thanks.

I placed my order December 14th, the order was finalized December 21st. It seems like the request for payment plans came fairly soon afterward. Car was ready for pick up in Austin on February 18th. I would get financing ready before you place your order.

Good Luck

Great, thank you, and congrats on your new car. I feel a lot better about it now. I finalized my order but have not had requests for payment yet. Anything I should now about the delivery, registration process that would be relevant for San Antonio?

Lux - Welcome to the club. In no particular order:

1. We financed through Alliance as well, I think starting the final paperwork with them about 2 weeks ahead of delivery gives enough leeway to handle any odd situation that may arise.

2. Registration is pretty direct (as I recall), when you get the car, the first order of business is getting a state inspection. Then you trundle down to Bexar County to pay your state tax, you have to bring proof of inspection, insurance, and title info from California, pay a lot of $$ and you get your plates.

3. A service Center is opening in San Antonio soon, you may be lucky and be able to coordinate everything through them.

Good luck and congratulations!

Thank you Cattledog. I placed my order last week and I already have the approval from Alliance, I guess I just need to wait till Tesla needs the money to move forward. Im glad the registration process is straightforward. The Austin store employee that did the test drive with me told me that they are now able to do the inspections there, so Im glad that will be done when the care gets here. Thanks for the breakdown on what I will need. Look forward to seeing you on the road.

I was wondering if anyone that is native or familiar with the downtown area of San Antonio could help me out with charge station recommendations? We'll be road tripping from Dallas this weekend and I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing the best options.

We'll be staying near the corner of Market St and Navarro St and it looks like all of the stations are run by ChargePoint, is that correct? I doubt I'll have time to get a ChargePoint card in time (we leave in 4 days) and it says they require a $25 deposit, which isn't a huge deal, but I definitely won't use $25 worth there. Is all of that accurate info?

Also, please let me know what the best station you know of near that location is. The closest option looks to be at the courthouse, from what I can tell.

Any advice is appreciated!


It seems like ChargePoint dominates San Antonio. I only use my Blink card in Dallas and College Station. I have not used the chargers downtown, but based on other areas of S.A., you should expect ChargePoint.

Just did a little research on-line. Seems to be EVChargeAmerica stations downtown but one Tesla owner had a negative experience with one in a downtown parking garage. Check out the website for more info. is actually the best site to use.

Just moved to a new house on the NW side of town, it has a steep driveway down to the garage. Anyone with a steep driveway have any issues with scraping? Any other issues with ground clearance. I did not order to air suspension on my S85. Thanks for your input.

Lux - Our driveway is not steep, bu has a crown in exactly the wrong spot on the apron between the sidewalk and the street. When our rear wheels are in the street gutter, our rear chrome piece will scrape the crown if not set on Very High in the air suspension. Stinks. I need to demo and re-pour the concrete apron without this crown.

Thank you Cattledog, I called Tesla yesterday and they told me the ground clearance on a MS is 6 inches. I did not order the air suspension and really don't want to pay $3000 for the luxury of driving into my garage. Hope Im just over-thinking this- I would hate to keep my brand new MS parked on the street uncharged.

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