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Sarah Palin calls Tesla losers

I feel even better about my purchase now. :-)

The high priestess of the evangelical church of ignorance pontificates again.

In some ways you have to admire Sarah Palin. She got her ass handed to her in the '08 election, and turned being a train wreck of bad ideas and a media whore into a lot of money. Kardashian without the looks or class.

@flux I wouldn't say without the looks, but certainly without any brains or class

@fluxemag lol

I'm part Armenian and to say Kardashian as having class in comparison to Sarah Palin is a huge insult... But very accurate! ;)

Sarah Palin is the Snookie of the Republican Party and they need to cut her off, seriously.

I do not know here.....
Snookie RP (aka Palin) knows a lot about loosing and losers.

@lolachampcar she sure does, but generally any time she thinks there's a winner it means it is actually a loser and vice versa.

Just look at what she thought about Obama.

I get a headache trying to follow her reasoning so I've tended to stop listening to her. By your logic rochec, that would mean that Tesla is a winner.... Ok, I buy that :)

Rednecks never liked innovation plus the Model S makes no noise - so it can't be good:-)

You tend to like her, until she opens her mouth and utters something.

BYT I agree. She will say and do anything to try and remain relevant.

Hello pot. Meet kettle.
Go out to your backyard & see how Russia is doing.

The light is on but nobody home!!!

Remember what state she is from. Oil is very important to her.


Please.....i hate politics and will never vote again but lets just talk about cars...

@drp what does she have to do with politics??


To paraphrase what Elon said about Mitt's loser comment-- Subject correct-- Object wrong.

I hate talking politics too but the reality is that the propaganda machine is in full effect and can effect TSLA and yours and my pocketbooks when they utter absolute idiocy or maybe in her case, calculated rubbish... no no, I am giving her WAY too much credit.

I am soooo happy Tesla us in the green and therefore maybe closer to being unaffected by the previously politically rejected.

I'll bet that Sarah Palin does not perform nearly as well as a model S. I would still like to try her out.......

Green in the Green.... I do like the sound of that.

It's obvious that not a single original thought comes out of her head.

Must be nice to live so comfortably inside your own personal reality distortion field. So, with a loser calling Tesla a loser, does this turn her statement into a positive? :-)

Captain, in this case, the statement was dumb enough that she may have come up with it on her own...maybe Dan Quayle helped her out?

Palin quit her job as Governor to be a talking head for Fox. She went for the easy money so she wouldn't have to do a shred of thought-inducing real work.

So, lets see now what Palin considers winning. !. she went to 5 or 6 undergraduate colleges to obtain an undergraduate degree, 2. was a 1/2 Governor of Alaska, 3. lost Presidential race in landslide to Obama and Biden 0'8, 4. fired from Fox Noise, 5. and can still see Russia from Alaska......if that's considered winning I rather be a looser like Tesla.

Drill baby, drill! Not!

Hold on. The green investments by this and former administrations have been less than stellar. I recall huge photovoltaic initiatives going belly up, a minor one the other day as well. Those failures is a fact and the link between business and government is crony capitalism at its best. Like it or not. And the Fisker demise is not helping. Tesla got a loan so is grouped together with the same miserable failures. What differs is that the Tesla business model is sound, apparently has offset a new way of transportation - and above all, is keen to repay the loan, quickly. Another side to it all is that every car company in the US in one way or another is receiving subsidies and government supports thus the same kind of crony capitalist label fits well... if it is not a Government Motors company.
No need for hate comments. I can anticipate what will be coming, depending on what congregation you belong to. The interesting point for me to discuss is the principle of government role in private business. That deserves to be addressed seriously. But this forum is likely not the one to do that.

Besides - better under general and not the MS tab? I had to stand corrected with regard to the Stockman posting I did ;-)

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