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screen shut off while driving

I had the navigation application running full screen today but it shut off all the sudden while I was driving, it it went dark with the Tesla logo for about 10 a reboot. Then it came back on and everything was fine after that. It did scare me!

Anyone experienced this before? I wasn't sure if I could accidentally touched anything that caused it.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Never happened to me but you can call ownership to see if they logged anything peculiar at the time. I doubt you could do it accidentally.

Only if you were holding down both scroll wheels, which is how you reboot the touch screen.

Happened to me while driving. No big deal, had to reboot to get it to display again. Even the Bluetooth call that I was on reconnected with no problems. Hold the right and left scroll wheels down to reboot the 17" display.

Apparently this is a known issue with 4.5....addressed in 5.6. It only affects a small percent of users and doesn't impact the cars ability to be driven. It was suggested to me that you should perform a soft reset, even after that happens (hold down both scroll wheels for 10 secs approx until screen reboots).

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