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Stupid Bloomberg video: "1200 Model S Cancellations"

A bit of crazy to start the day. Check out the talking heads at Bloomberg:

Why does the idiot on the right make some wild assertion that Tesla showrooms don't have/won't have cars in them?

Can the folks who are tracking numbers of reservations make any comment on the "1200 cancellations" info in the filing? How much of this is sig-to-p transitions?

They state in the SEC filing that they have a single source supplier for some parts, probably a significant number.
That's definitely a risk, especially for the ramp up.

Indeed. The flip side is that getting one or two (?) up to speed might do the trick. Hoping ...

Brian H,
Usually we meet for lunch in the mall where the store is located.
Apparently, the chapter head decided this would be
an enjoyable diversion from the same old vendor presentations,
it was very well received.
The Tesla employees were engaged all night answering questions
and were very helpful.
The Model S on display always seemed to be occupied.

Overall, an enjoyable experience.

Are the bulk of/all the members EEs? Would have loved to eavesdrop (lunch→night?).


Most are EE or engineers of other disciplines.
The questions that they asked were typical of the ones
that have been asked on this forums for years,
nothing unusual.

Yup, 1200 cancelations is actually really low, considering how much has changed with the economy over the last three years. I am fairly sure there were also many who assumed that they would have a $50k Model S in their garage by now, and weren't willing to wait. Also, a lot can change in ones life in three years, and I am sure some deposit holders may have gone from a long distance commute to a short one. Still others might have expected something different after the Betas were released.

Either way, as more and more new folks hear about Tesla and the Model S (and X), they are gaining new ground everyday. I also believe that many of these stock speculators are not aware that the person responsable for much of this car and it's company is also the same person who is starting to make even the late Steve Jobs appear to be just an avarage CEO. Steve jobs never launched rockets into space (neither did Bill Gates for that matter).

My money is on the guy who hangs with NASA!!!!

Elon is fortunate to have to deal with NASA only as a supplier of a service NASA is no longer able to provide itself. Between Congressional and Administration jerk-arounds, and internal (partial, but significant) power-grabs by the paper-pushers, and smearing of its activities into areas where it is a fish out of water (climate and Muslim outreach), NASA is a geriatric stroke victim compared to what it could and should be.


Agreed. It's not the NASA engineers that are hampering it. It's the administrators and politicians.

I bet that if ISS was not there already, SpaceX would build one in order to have something to dock their Dragon spacecrafts.

Elon has promised to put man onto Mars in ten years (nine years now). If he can deliver that promise its a lot more than anybody else is doing (when it comes to space exploration).

I'm not a rocket scientist, but I think Mars-rocket needs to be build on orbit. Spacecraft that never needs to go down in gravity well can be as large as we want it to be, so it would make sense to build that one on orbit, maybe as extension to ISS at first: it needs to be build like space station anyway, trip wont be short (unless we get warp engines a lot sooner than we expect), so people need to actually live in the ship.

For fun:

Let Elon put 5,000 people in their cars first ;)
One small step at a time...

An ion drive, or VASIMR drive, would take ~20-30 days, and there's a "continuous shuttle" system that would take (IIRC) about 6 weeks. Both are strictly spacebound, of course; as they say, getting to orbit is halfway to anywhere in the Solar System.

Elon's re-usable boosters would take care of the cost side of that, which means de facto all significant issues.

We need a thread to talk about that Brian, here is not the place to go into all the space flight ideas I have :P

sergiyz -- Let Elon put 5,000 people in their cars first ;)

Well of course. They have to have a way of getting to the spaceport.

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