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Supercharger is great! If it is working...

Tejon supercharger got problem today. It only charged at 50 miles/hr and stopped very 2 minutes. I called Tesla, but they can not solve the problem over the phone.

I wish Elon can built 500 mile Model S soon. So I can add my second Tesla for long distance travel. With a bigger battery I can skip one or two supercharger if they had problems.

Did you switch outlets/plugs?

Yes, I try everyone. They all the same.
The Tesla roadside assistant directed me to Flying J Plaza.

@JKL: What was in the Flying J Plaza that was helpful? (Or that Tesla thought would be helpful?)

Which Flying J and what charging capability do they have?

Flying J only got NEMA 14-50, it's not helpful.

A NEMA 14-50 is better than nothing

That is the reason why I am a fan of location twins... ( Milford/Darien or Gilroy/Salinas )

500 miles battery I want too, but it will only help the few who did get it.

14-50 is not helpful? Come out to the boondocks where that is the best we can get for a trip.

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