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My intention with this thread to is offer confirmed (evidence based) information on existing and new supercharger locations in the Northeast AS WELL AS TO offer encouragement to Tesla to remedy the dearth of SuperChargers in the region. This is a huge and relatively compact market for Tesla: the population of the Northeast is 56 million, 18% of the total USA. Yet, the population centers of Boston, Hartford, and Philadelphia are inadequately connected -- and links to Montreal and Toronto are completely missing.

Just 4 new superchargers will do this:

Sturbridge, MA (should be a no-brainer)
Edison, NJ (which is underway)
Albany, NY (who knows what is going on there)
Canandaigua, NY (midway between Albany and Toronto) (This would also serve Buffalo and Rochester)

High payoff for 4 new SuperChargers (one of which is underway, so really 3). How 'bout it, Tesla?

UPDATE: 07/17/2014: if you add the population of Quebec and Ontario, this area is home to 77 million people. But much of the area remains WAY under served. Grateful for Tesla Motors recent post that the Quebec to Toronto corrodor is scheduled for Superchargers but this needs to be connected to the 95 corridor. When complete, a potential market of 77 million people will have access.

Plymouth Meeting. Serves Philly metro area. Pennsylvania Turnpike, Schuylkill Expressway , I -476, 422 and 202 all minutes away.

Sturbridge MA or somewhere near there would be nice. Announced by Tesla 9 months ago.

Why is there not a supercharger in the vicinity of Miami.
I see tons of models s around here and no supercharger.
Miami is by far the largest city in Florida, whomever
Is responsible is clueless.

@drax7: I 'spose Miami is within the Northeast, right?

Neither the destination nor origin of road-tripping MSes is suitable for SC location. Between, en route; the idea is to bridge the gaps.

So Miami is eminently unsuited.

@brian - en route to Key West from NY, Miami would be the last SC stop 160 miles from destination.

Still not in the northeast though.

With such a profusion of SCs in southern CT, how about packing up the gear at either Greenwich or Darien and moving it to Sturbridge-Auburn, MA, where it will do some good? Eh, Tesla?

I also question the need for another SC in NJ (Hamilton), given that Edison is apparently going forward. Or if Hamilton is out in front, maybe the gear for Edison could be forwarded to the north country?

Population density must be high on the list of considerations, but when that population goes on long trips, it is not necessarily or even usually to another population center. Many times it is to vacation or getaway sites in more rural areas. And along the way, SCs are needed. Destination chargers can be slower for overnighters, but lots of folks do day trips to the lakes and mountains as well.

Tesla, please take note and give us some assurances. Your replies to recommendations are too bland to provide much evidence that the northeast is really in your plans.

Say it, brother!

I have heard that Hamilton Township is almost ready and should be online next week. Apparently, the voltage will be insanely high.

Good for the 95 corridor and fills the gap north of Philly.

Waiting for Edison Nj . I driver every day boy the site and will let you guys know when they start Contruction .
Nothing as of 4/8/14. They have all the permits to go.

@thom - not an either or. No need to rip out Greenwich to get on in MA; just add one in MA. They made a public announcement about that MA location in June, which is when I ordered my MS.

I knew the SC locations were subject to change, but I figured if they were making a public announcement about one (which they rarely do), it was a sure thing. I was wrong.

So here I am planning a trip to Boston for this Saturday, and charging is a major part of the planning instead of being a non-issue.

'driver boy the site'? Sounds illegal.


I was in Boston last month and I stayed at the Lenox Hotel. They have their own charger in front of the hotel. I believe it is supposed to be free for anyone to use, but they seem to ICE it themselves until a hotel guest needs it. I was getting about 23 miles of charge/hour.

There is a free charger in the Holyoke Garage off Harvard Square.

The new SC in Hamilton Township relieves some of the pressure on the proposed Edison, NJ location. We should be happy with anything.

On another thread, a Teslan was lamenting the lack of superchargers between LA and Vegas. He said his region was 7% of the US population. I sympathize.

Here in the Northeast with 18%, only the I-95 corridor is serviced. Vast regions, like Toronto-Boston, Montreal-Philadelpia, and Pittsburgh-Boston routes are unserved.

And the Newark, DE SC is now known to be in an overflow situation on holiday weekends.

There's always a KOA cabin and an overnight in the woods.

Many of the places where Superchargers are being built also have many other charging options. I live in Vermont, and even trying to find public level 1 or 2 stations anywhere that would be considered convenient is near impossible. Route 7 is close to or connects cities such as Brattleboro, Rutland, Middlebury, Burlington, and Quebec, so I would be ecstatic if one were planned for this route. It runs the length of the state, into Massachusetts and up to Canada.

Funny, even though the thread is calling for sites within New England, people have not really acknowledged the state, even though it is known for foliage and skiing, and it is a vacation destination year round. There need to be chargers both east and west of the Green Mountains.

I live in NYC and love the idea of Sturbridge. But, we also need chargers in places where we're likely to travel to as destinations, not just en route, like the Cape, the berkshires and VT ski slopes, as suggested eswhere in this thread. Given that MS owners are by definition an affluent crowd, it would make sense to think about locations where they're likely to go for recreation, as well as major metropolitan centers. When I make a long overnight trip, it's usually for recreation. We could also use superchargers in Mantoloking, NJ, the Hamptons, the Chesapeake. It is hard to take the MS skiing or to the beach because I'd be afraid of the complications of getting back.

Not sure we need superchargers at destinations. If you drive to VT to ski for the day, a supercharger enroute might be needed. But you could get a full charge in 6 hours while you are skiing without the need for a supercharger.

Same with any overnight destination.

Superchargers are not yet like a gas station where you just pull in and fill up. Takes an hour. Longer if other people are charging, or you have to wait.

For EV to be as convenient as ICE, the majority of charging needs to be done while the vehicle is parked. Those places that cater to the "affluent crowd" just need to put in good L2 chargers.

Hamptons is covered - charge in Syosset or JFK. You could do the day trip (150 miles round trip) without charging and have plenty of miles to drive around while you are out there. If you stay overnight you may not even have to stop at a supercharger at all!

Mantoloking - reachable round trip from Hamilton, Greenwich, Darien, Syosset, and JFK superchargers.

Chesapeake - not sure where you are going, but likely reachable from the Newark supercharger.

VT needs some travel chargers - perhaps Springfield MA and White River Junction VT as a start. Throw in Manchester NH, Kittery ME, Bangor ME and we can start to travel New England!

Sturbridge/Auburn MA still remains the most important for the heavily-traveled NY/NJ/CT to Boston/NH/ME route.

I question the need for an SC in the Hamptons. The Syosset service location is on the way to the Hamptons. If you arrived with 130 miles of range and plugged your car in to a 120v socket every night, you'd have plenty of range to get back to the SC (within the Service Center) and from there back.

I do think there needs to be an SC near the cape though.

Is an SC inside of an SC a SscC?

HPWCs at destinations?

@tesla.mahedy That's good. I'm adding it to the NTTF thread.

I live in the Hamptons, and our HPWC is listed on PlugShare/Recargo...It was very well utilized last summer (2-3 people charging every weekend), we'll see if it gets used more or less this summer now that there's a Supercharger in Syosset. My gut instinct is that we will be hosting just as many people for charging this summer (if not more). On one hand, you could say that the Hamptons doesn't NEED a Supercharger...But the reality is, no one wants to stop in Syosset on the way home from the Hamptons on a Sunday evening, especially when there is no real food/bathroom option there. So, while the Hamptons doesn't technically NEED a Supercharger, it would definitely get a lot of use, especially in the summer.
Although, realistically, if Tesla is looking to add one more Supercharger to Long Island (and they are), it would make a lot more sense to put it in Manorville, just off Exit 70 on the Long Island Expressway (Which is where many people stop to get gas and snacks on their way in/out of the Hamptons)...That would conveniently serve the Hamptons/Montauk AND the North Fork, and it would do it in a place that had food/bathroom options that are similar to other highway rest stops. So while selfishly I would love to have a Supercharger in the Hamptons, putting one in Manorville is probably a smarter choice.

P.S. - And let's not forget about the New York State Throughway...I need to get up to the Adirondacks later this summer!!!

No need to stop in Syosset Sunday evening on the way home from the Hamptons, Montauk, or North Fork - just charge overnight Saturday while you are sleeping. Better than spending an hour at a Hamptons, Manorville, or Syosset supercharger.

Better placed on the NY Thruway so people can get to the Adirondacks. Once routes are completed (and have adequate capacity), then Tesla can start filling in destination chargers.

@TheAustin The Albany Supercharger at Colonie Center is right off 87 and should be open in the next week or so.

The Albany Supercharger is rumored to be live this Thursday, May 1. That should get any Tesla drivers to the Adirondacks.

Hi Austin! I'll be ringing your doorbell soon!

Love my Model S, but we were stuck driving our gas guzzling SUV to VT almost every weekend this winter. We want to make a reservation for a Model X, but until I see some more love for the routes through NH/VT/ME, I'll have to wait.

What route did you take to VT - what would be some good supercharger locations to make your route doable?

Where do you stay overnight - would you have access to charging?

From Boston up 93 to 89. Stay in a seasonal rental house with no charging capabilities. I think that charging stations in Hooksett, NH and White River Junction and/or West Lebanon would make sense.

Ideally, ski slopes will figure out that charging stations would make sense. What's better than plugging your car in for he day while on the slopes.

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