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For the Tesla Gen III, what 100 new features would you like to imagine or see available ?

Teslarians, what futuristic, hitech, game changer, ultra green, uber-cool, alto safety, mass production friendly, cost reducing, profit increasing features should Tesla's next generation, Gen III, vehicle have ? Also include Model C, S & X.

Whether large or small, simple or complex, technical or not, what are your ideas ?

To get started, here are some thoughts:

1) Put see through glass Tesla Shield  
   on hood  made of painted glass. The
   shield and letter T are left clear glass 
   and shows off the frunk by day. At 
   night a Hue light , with millions of 
   color variations can can be turn on 
   inside the frunk to light up the shield 
   and T during night driving.

2) Have detachable Household AC plug  
 battery  packs near base of seats  
 powered by solar panels on roof.

3) Anti crash system stops car from
  running into things. Qualifies for   
  insurance discount?

4) Retractable semi-opaque, tinted sun
 visors controlled by button on
 steering wheel similar to pulling down  
 a window shade electronically. It's 
 more functional because it allows the 
 driver to control visor on driver's 
 window, passenger window, and both 
 sides of the windshield. Could this be the world's best sun visor?

5) Have all wheels turn to 90 degrees,
  great for parallel parking. Have car
  capable of self parking.

6) Create @tesla/ Internet
    extension  for car related services 
    only to compliment .com sites. 

The .car extensions have voice only interface, with limited button pushing similar to a radio, no texting except through voice to text.

7) Shape the red tail lights as close
  as possible to the Tesla T Logo.
  Red led lights across bumper under
  the plate spell out Tesla Motors EV
  and highlight when brakes applied.

8) Equip Gen III with two sliding doors
  or 4 regular doors. To create
  easier access the opening door
  includes 1/3 of the roof. Also press a
  button in the door jamb to slide the
  front seats forward.

   A variation of this, have 1/3 strip of 
   roof retract toward the center of the 
   roof when you open the door.

9 ) NFD Near Field Discounts auction.
  Type in lunch etc. 5 miles distance, 
  2hrs for exa and nearby Merchants 
  continuously update bids against  
  each other on giving you    
  discounts for lunch.

10) KeyPay/CarPal digitized keychain 
      can be used to pay electronically, 
      and receits  are tagged& organized 
      into personal & business categories 
      for taxes. Syncs with smartphone 
      app and car consol to store info on the web.

11) Computerized self parking, both 
      back in and parallel .

At around the 8:00 mark he also confirms the Euro Superchargers will be 120kW, able to fully charge an 85 from 0 in ½ hr. Didn't answer the SC deployment "when and where" question.

Yep those lucky Europeans will never see our slow 90 kW SC's. Elon is promising more SC details and media announcement in a week or two.

how about a Tesla pickup?

Yep, definitely going to need a pickup, especially for Tesla early investors to haul around all that cash they made in the stock. Elon too, he bought a million shares at about $28.00 at the last secondary offering, made a quick $50 million in about 8 months. In hundred dollar bills, that might fit in the bed of a pickup.

Anyway, pickups are definitely on Elon's "To Do" list. He's mentioned making pickups numerous times.

1)I would like to see a holographic screen appear in the full rear window when the gen 3 is put into reverse. The screen will show a three dimensional reverse view of any and all objects behind the car complete with measurements and distance until impact. If the camera detects infare red heat which is most likely a person or animal the brakes on the gen 3 will apply automatically.
2)I'd like to see GPS screen display seamlessly incorporated into the front window but only the street name,approximate time, and distance to reach the next turn.
3)Complete panoramic sunroof from the front glass until the start of the trunk.
4)Built in Radar detector x, k, and whatever new.If the car goes 0-60 in 4secs give us a chance.
5)The ability to turn the front storage compartment into a frigerator/freezer, sometimes you want to buy Meat/Ice cream but don't want to head straight home.

If the law gets passed requiring electric cars to make noise when going 18 mph or slower add the option for that noise to be the scanner sweep noise from the original Knight Rider!


Like all those out of the box ideas.

Campers/hikers might really appreciate the fridged frunk, also nice for picknics. Perhaps a third party install, then Tesla need only supply several plug outlets with enough amps to power fridge, microwave , electric barbecue , etc.

There's lots of space in the frunk to work with. A third party might install a complete multi-part system in there.

The fridge of course. And a nice big separate fridge battery to run it in the back of the frunk, (which is hard to reach anyway). This frunk battery charges when you charge the vehicle, so I imagine Tesla would provide a port to charge this fridge backup battery. Now the Tesla main car battery backs up the fridge battery.

Besides the third party system of a large fridge battery & custom shaped fridge, a third energy source of this system could be a solar panel on the car roof. It would charge the fridge battery and keep it charged while driving. Again Tesla would just provide a port for the solar system to receive and track the solar energy, and give the energy to the fridge battery. (The solar roof panel is popular , and I feel is a great aesthetic on a EV).

Hopefully the fridge battery & solar electricity will be enough to keep the fridge cold without using any energy from the main battery, just use the main car battery for backup.

To make the system even more popular, have the fridge battery detachable and removable for portable electricity (beach use, camping use etc), or as emergency electricity. So let's say parts of the fridge battery fit in a backpack.

All in all lots of potential for your idea dmartin, all Tesla need do is supply some plugs and ports, or do it all themselves.


Good idea ajamison for taking a negative and making it into a possitive. I'd like lots of options for sounds, so people could get something cool, bad*ss, unique or whatever they wanted.

I just wonder if the sound has to be approved by a GOV't agency and what conditions it must meet ?

Anyhow yeah the car should have a bunch of sound options for that. Perhaps if Tesla gets their car OS set up for third party apps, like an approved Tesla app store. Then it would be third party apps to the rescue for unlimited sounds.

Just download one of many Tesla third party sound apps to your smartphone, and choose your coolest sound for you car, and it's automatically transferred to your car. Sounds like the roar of TRex in Jurrasic Park, the scream of a jet fighter in Star Wars, etc.

How about a rotating sound app?

Owner-selectable external sounds will never by authorized, for exactly the reasons you describe; the cacophony would be G-awful.

And solar roof panels on a car are Fisker-level goofy and pointless, for reasons discussed extensively on the forums. Tesla is far smarter than that.

Brian H Elon did say when they find a way to make Solar panels into the paint of a car which he thinks will someday be a reality then the entire car would be one huge solar panel on wheels


Yes the electronic sound jungle would be upon us. Sounds like a gov't study to me.

Yes I know the solar discussions, I was thinking more third party to keep Tesla out of it.

As for the Fisker guy, he's a good designer and a very poor engineer.

Here are some suggestions - possibly already covered since I haven't read this whole thread:
Solar panel for the 12v system - unless there is a way to get rid of the 12v system.
Switchable glass (tinting is electrically controlled) for windshield visor.
Reversible current flow so that I can get paid for grid balancing/high-demand electricity. Software to set limits on amount of capacity available for grid balancing.
Supercharger capable. 240V home charging.
Aluminum body.
Battery swapping in under 5 minutes.

The Most important thing for gen 3 is the innovation to provide handling, acceleration and a ride = or better than the BMW 3 series and the mercedes C class at a 40k price point with a reasonable margin. This should be the most critical part of any PRD as it takes TSLA from niche to mass market. Everything else is just a "nice to have". Range is the next most important thing as that is probably the single bigest thing that would hold someone back from electric. I would sacrafice a few margin points and get as close to 300 as possible as that is what a standard tank of gas does today on average. If you can get to 500, game over. 90% of the efforts and R&D budget should go the things above, not the the bells and whistles...

For nice to haves:
- Pandora
- 110 plug to charge stuff if I need to
- a better interior. More of a luxury sport feel than the S. The AMG series has some really nice interiors...
- Command center via voice - I think everyone has wanted their own "KIT" since KNIGHT RIDER in the 80's!!!


Welcome to Tesla Threads.

I'm really intrigued by your idea for, " reversible flow for grid balancing ", to moderate peak electrical demand. Basically creating a large distributed electrical grid power storage supply.

Iit could also help get the " total cost of ownership down " .


I've read Tesla just hired one of Aston Martin's world class supercar mechanical engineers. And I read Elon wants to bring some of these supercar features to mass market cars. Can't wait !

A few comments / suggestions on what I'd like to see (at least as options) for the Gen III.

First though I'd like to say that I hope Gen III will have an option that is more customizable, and that I'd be willing to pay a premium to have my order take longer because of customization (thus preserving the cost efficiency).

I'm from Canada, so you'll notice some of my wishes are cold weather specific.

-Heated windshield wiper blades
-Heated seats (at least in the front)
-4 wheel drive / improved traction on ice
-Winter remote start (vehicle is still plugged in, but front and rear window heaters are turned on, heated seats turned on, general interior temperature turned on). I think this could be a key selling feature as people do not need to worry about the carbon monoxide building up in their garage.
-Protection for the plug-in from freezing rain (a silicon cap perhaps?)
-Salt corrosion resistant under carriage
-Backing up video feed
-Supercharger compatability (this is a must as far as I'm concerned)
-Cup holders
-Slightly higher off the ground for the speed bumps (or rough cottage roads) that are too big no matter how slowly you go over them

Oh and a supercharging location in Kingston Ontario would be great as I frequently travel from Ottawa to the Toronto area.

Elon noted that the GenIII would have fewer options. A lot of wish lists are quite unrealistic.


Nice list. Many of the ideas on your list are popular from what I read. My Fav, heated wiper blades.

Something simple but neat, would be electronic sun visors. Push a button, & adjust & lower any of four sun visors from the drivers seat.

Also Elon already said that possibly some autopilot features may be incorporated into the GenIII as well. Be really neat if you could add those autopilot elements later as they become available.

Electronic sun visors? I'm too impatient for that, and sun visors need to be positioned in odd ways sometimes.

Anyways, my contribution, that I don't know if even exists for cars... Controllable window tint. It would be electronically controlled.


I like the controllable window tint also ; but I havn't seen it yet either. I do wonder though, how expensive it would be, 50% more cost to replace a windshield with a small crack? How would a novel windshield be stocked, what would the wait time be to get a replacement ? It does sound like eventually it would be the ideal technomarvel solution.

As for the electric controllable sunvisor, I was thinking more of blocking out the rising or setting sun when it is streaming into the car at an un reachable location, like the far side passenger windshield or door window. I see it more of a cheap,practical, handy, little car gadget, like heated wipers.

Lots of terrific ideas here. Not sure if I missed it but there are patents out there for utilizing the air passing by on vehicles, similar to turbine wind gererators, that can create electricity to power electric motors. One such patent applied for is 20120286513. Has Tesla considered using such a device to extend the range of single charge travel? I myself would like to see 750 plus miles. I think the tourist industry would love you guys as people would hit the roads again for vacations. Plus, not as many batteries would need to be required, helping to reduce entry of a lower cost vehicle to the masses. Just think of the possibilities of extending that technology to Motor Homes. The Motor Home industry would love ya.

Also, I live in Wisconsin and currently have an All Wheel Drive vehicle for obvious reasons. I would love to have an all wheel drive long bed 4x4 EV pick up truck. Recently, I happened to be walking by a dealer selling Chevy pickup trucks and noticed a silver 2013 Silverado. Nothing special. No rear cab. 23 MPG HWY. They wanted 36K for it. I was floored. AND some people scream about the price of a TESLA or EV vehicle? Just imagine the overall cost of ownership of this pickup? I don't know of any farmers around here making that much money.

The only useful wind is the kind you feel standing still beside the road. If you have a large sail you can move at a few mph. Not useful or usable for cars.

Call me crazy here but i think focusing on quality vs bells and whistles is the best idea. Personally i would buy a Gen3 in a heart beat just for the gas savings alone.

You could throw in some nice features like a great sounds system and the usual tech features (think Sync clone).

Producing a Gen3 with the same feature list as a comparable car in its class will it make it a market leader and create large demand. Large demand = big sales volume.

That way Tesla would have vehicles tailored for different verticals. Efficient electric vehicles for the masses, sporty and luxury models for the rest.

IMHO this is the best route to take.


problem: weight.
solution: ultra thin lightweight super strong windows instead of current glass

problem: range
solution: Super Ultra Efficient Electric Motor. Far more advanced than present model

problem: weight and range
solution: ultra strong and low cost carbon composites wherever it makes sense to apply it.

problem: tires and rims
solution: ultra smooth riding "rimless electric tire" (I think this is a tough one!)
features: no rim, 200,000 mile life. generates electricity whenever its spinning.

problem: potholes and bumps
solution: adaptive suspension senses potholes and bumps in nanoseconds and adjusts suspension to minimize effect on the ride

Just a few ideas. Hope it helps



problem: paint fading, chipping, scratching, wear and tear.
solution: eliminate the paint. embed color directly into the body panels. colored aluminum by doping?

problem: very cold weather, snow, ice etc
solution: Fur cover on car. (ok, i am joking :-)
solution: heat generation -> heater. heat retention -> insulation
solution: removable lightweight space blanket (like used for camping) for outside and inside of car
solution: removable electric heat rods for inside the car
(when installed the car is set to keep the interior at a certain temp by heating the rods with electricity) (rods removed in spring.)

piezoelectric front car seats that help recharge the battery

separate rechargeable battery for the car electronics -- higher efficiency ?

Social charging network

let Tesla cars plug in to each other while parked.
manage khw transfers so everyone is happy.


i plug my car A into car B. Car B puts
message on my screen: cant charge right now...

message: x
message y

social charging network

use paypal.

other than a few no-brainers like insulation, not one of those "solutions" makes sense or will happen. Some, like carbon fibre, are just too expensive. Some, like D, are free energy delusions. Etc.


thanks very much. Don't forget, solar power used to be a delusion too.



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