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Tesla Merchandise

Shouldn't the coolest car on the planet have the coolest merchandise? The Tesla merchandise is pretty mediocre. The right stuff would also help promote the company and car.

Also, why are things like "the rear parcel shelf" not listed along with floor mats and other accessories? Also, what about a spare charging cable? Depending on the price, I would leave one in my garage.

One guy at the Costa Mesa service center quoted me $480 for the mobile adapter, but I have heard also $500.

Also I did mention that to Tesla, and they said it would be for sale at a later date.

Yeah, I really want a spare mobile adapter so I can leave one in my garage and leave one in my trunk.

Cups, etc. are all made in china. It would be nice if these products were of similar quality to the cars.

olanmills +1


There was an ABC program "Made in America", which documented many products that could have been sourced at equal or better price, and better quality, in the US, but the buyers didn't bother looking.


Not true, not all the merchandise are made in china.

Just bought my wife the Tesla track jacket, it is made in the USA.

The shirts are made right here in California!!!
But yeah, the one that bugs me is that wallet. A tire tread? I really want a new wallet and was hoping for a cool Tesla one but not buying that. Pop a T on that thing I'll buy it! Or maybe an embroidered P85?! I must admit, after swinging the big purchase I don't have much use for a wallet. For one, I don't need to carry money to fill up anymore!


I just picked up a spare charge cable with additional 14-50 adaptor. $500 + taxes.

I walked in to Menlo Park service center today for something else and I just happened to ask about extra charging cable and the service person brought out a cable for sale.

When I was finalizing I asked for a spare UMC. Although they couldn't put one on the MVPA, they put me on a waiting list. After dropping my car for some delivery fit & finish issues, I got a call back saying: "We have a box here with your name on it!"

Picked-up my car today with a spare UMC ($480) with 5-15 ($45) and 14-50 ($45) adapters (+tax of course) in the trunk. Now I can leave on the garage and another in the trunk.

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?

Anyone besides me having trouble logging in to the store? I assume it is my same login, but it fails every time.

@docjay - I logged into the store without any problems using the same user/pass as the main site.

I called with the same login problem. They said it wasn't the same login and password, and to just login as guest to purchase. After my purchase, I was able to create a new account for Tesla Gear. No big deal, it just remembers your info for the next purchase.

Would consider a chrome Tesla license plate holder.

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