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Tesla Model S Plays Any Song You Ask for!

Every new person I give a test ride to must request a song as part of the introduction to the S.

It's a great feature to have, but I didn't think it was that impressive. It's just a feature of Slacker, and aren't there several cars thave have features like this, even if it's limited to the collection of an attached device or something?

Again it is a nice feature, but it doesn't always work. Slacker doesn't have everything, and sometimes, even when I know it does, it refuses to play it and starts playing something else that it recomments instead. That's actually my big pet peeve with Slacker. I hate when I search for a specific song and it knows the song, but if you select it, it starts playing something else.

Yes, I understand that there are many songs for which they have entries in their catalog, but they don't actually have the license to play it or something. In this scenario, I would like it to tell me that it can't play the song, because I would like to know definitively whether or not the song will ever show up if I listen to the "station" enough.

It's ambigious, because, as I said, there are some songs that I have listened to on Slacker, but then if I try to search for it again a couple days later, it will refuse to play it but instead start playing whatever it thinks is similar.


Geez, why can't Elon just admit that it's Slacker radio? I mean, he gave the reporter the impression that the car is magically searching the internet to find whatever song you ask for.

Voice recognition has never worked in my car. The only keywords that it may occasionally (10% of the time) recognize are in the "Navigation" section. But even then, the address that follows this keyword is never correct. For example, if I ask "Where is Stanford University", the I got a full list of Fry's Electronics stores. I even read aloud all the examples given in the on screen release note with no success. Beside "Navigation" the response I get are either "Unclear" or "Unknown command". I have brought my car to service and the person who tried also saw similar problem. However, after a day Tesla service told me that the engineers in Fremont logged in and see no problem. Since then I have given up using voice in my car because I thought that this feature may be in the Alpha stage. Now that I see that Mr. Elon Musk had zero problem with voice recognition in his car, I will have to bring it back to service. I have otherwise no complain about the car.

I haven't had much of a problem. The voice control works fine for me 90% of the time. Occassionally it says it doesn't understand my command and I think only once it misinterpreted my command.

It's possible that the voice control does not work well with all ranges of voices or accents.

@tvntesla - A common mistake is to press the voice command button and let go, and then speak your request. The Model S requires that you wait until you see the message "Recording..." in the cluster, then speak while holding down the button until you are done. This is different than most phones.

I just wanted to make sure you're doing that before you head in to service, as it is a common problem. I did it myself for a while and thought voice recognition was broken as a result.

I love finding out new features about my Model S. I just got back from driving around for hours trying to stump the player. Amazingly it got 9 out of 10 songs that I chose.

Voice commands work most of the time for me, but with slacker or never auto plays like in the Elon interview. Instead it only shows a list of songs. Is there a setting for autoplay?

Would like to use Slacker as a replacement for the music on my USB - and play not only individual songs - but entire albums - or all the songs from a particular artist. Has anyone figured out how to do this?

Haven't found a way to do that with Slacker. I can find a specific song - but then instead of playing the other songs on the same album - it moves onto similar songs from other artists.

@eltonf - what you're describing is the correct behavior I believe. I think the video just cut out Elon tapping the song.

Odd, voice command always works great on mine.

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