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Tesla opens 100th Supercharger


Without question the shortest and most concise blog entry ever.

Unbelievably remarkable progress !

Way to go TESLA :-)

@My5bAby - How many have you frequented? How does it feel to drive 5,000 miles / month?

And... No gas station attendants required!

It's active. Ribbon cutting ceremony April 24th.

What about the "Charging Station" opened in a Beijing Industrial Park that accompanied today's deliveries in China.

How many miles do you now have My5? Pushing 65K?

Fascinating: TWO Gigafactories right from the get-go? "We are going to proceed with at least two locations in parallel, just in case one of them encounters some issues after breaking ground," Musk said. He said Panasonic was likely to be Tesla's partner in battery production.

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