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Tesla store locations

A few weeks back, it was sounding like there was going to be a store in Boston (Natick Mall?) When I checked the list of stores, many places had a note saying,"opening soon" but there was no listing for Boston. Has anyone heard news on this front?

I have no answer, just bumping the thread so people will know it isn't spam.

I haven't seen any spam on this forum that had a relevant title--or the word "Tesla".

In the career section there is an opening for a technician at the Boston store.

I had read somewhere that there were local government issues and that it still was very much in limbo. Geez, if they don't want a Tesla store, I'd be glad to work with local government here to have one! Middlebury, after all, does have the college and many prospective buyers.
I really would love it if Tesla released some sort of plan of expansion. I would be interested in seeing where they plan to place stores and service centers and in what sequence.

Green Car Reports: "Tesla Faces Dealer Opposition To Opening New Store In MA"

The issue has also been discussed in the Model S forums:
(marked "private", i.e., reservation holders only)

The excuse is no onsite repair facilities; the actual basis is dealer desire for commissioned sales.

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