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Tesla X Sunroof

Will the Falcon Wing doors allow for an opening sunroof?

Most likely not.

They could over the front two seats. Many SUVs do. Falcon wings should not affect that area of the roof.

Where would the sunroof go when you open it? They usually slide backwards. ;-)

into the roof behind a 'sandwich' between a solid headliner and the actual roof. ;)

Not if there are falcon doors.

Depends how big sunroof and how big the smaller part or the hinged door will be. You are probably right...just a thought. Also, as some people suggest, maybe (probably not) they will offer it as part of a 'sliding door' model that couyld also accommodate a ski rack. Call it the 'sportman's package/model X'

The windshield sweeps up over the front seats, providing a better view than a sunroof ever could, kind of like a moonroof that doesn't open, but better.

The Model S does not have UV screen inside the sunroof. I suggest Tesla put UV screens in Model X if a sunroof will be included, please.

Glass passes very little UV. Ever been sunburned through a window?

Yes. Tesla told me their glass only blocks 65% UV.

I still would prefer a mesh. It comes standard in VWs.

Just let the sunroof slide upwards and then back. If it covers the falcon-wing door-hinge area, add sensors to prevent doors from opening as long as sunroof is on top.

Brian H:

UV concern regarding sunroof without mesh mostly due to long term sun damage (spots, premature aging, wrinkles), not likelihood of immediate sunburn.

Dermatology 101.

Exposure thru glass in a car is not the main source. Worry about it if you want, but ...

If you at both prototypes closely, you'll see there is a glass panel over the front seats but it does not open-- in fact, it appears to be the same piece of glass as the windshield.

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