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Today Is The Day!

The day has finally arrived.... Checklist is in hand. Anything else I should know before picking up?


Lucky you! Enjoy! I wish today was my day :)

Smile.... Make absolutely sure you bring the smile.


And on Earth Day, that's awesome.

Be especially watchful of cars pulling out of side streets in front of you. Because you're going to be accelerating much faster than you are used to, but without being fully aware of it. The cars pulling out in front of you will expect the usual pokey oncoming traffic. You'll be on top of them before you know it. Took me a few days to get used to this.

Have a great time and (where mind and foot permit) keep it slow and cautious for a while.

Don't get a speeding ticket.

congrats, @pourkhomami! Enjoy warp speed and watching cars recede into the distance behind you at an amazing rate! Enjoy how the car follows everything you have in your mind for it to do. It is soooo willing!

Congrats. Add checking the headliner for smudges to your checklist - from other posts it appears that the transport folk somehow dirty it(?) when unloading the car at the showroom. I had my MS at home for a week before a rear seat passenger pointed this out to me. TSLA was very gracious about cleaning it up, but you probably don't want to use your electrons driving back to the SC.
Otherwise, unless you live in a high-Tesla population, expect a lot of interest in your car - including the local mounties; I've had several PD around Atlanta follow me a bit trying to identify the re-useable rocket I'm driving, & upon returning to the car in parking lots found PD units nearby "doing their paperwork" and guarding my baby. I wonder if they're disappointed not to see a celebrity coming out of the grocery.

Take lot of pictures.
Enjoy, You waited long for this day and today is your day!!!

It only happens once, you will forever remember this day!

thranx - like your first day with super-powers, nice :)

congrats, pourkhomani!!

Enjoy!! You'll probably only remember the checklist after you've finished delivery. :-)

Today was supposed to be my delivery date, too, but my DS found a small flaw in the paint on the trunk lid yesterday, so instead of taking delivery, my car is now in a body shop to fix the paint. We're now shooting for a Friday delivery.

Good luck with yours...

@dilbert, must be feeling a bit of frustration, but it won't be long now and it's better to receive your car in perfect shape.

Enjoy it soon in good health!

You will think every car is aiming at's only an illusion!

Congratulations you will remember this day for the rest of your life ...

Can't stop smiling :)

Lucky you. Enjoy it.
I am still counting the days towards end of May.

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