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the Top 3 big's....

Honeymoon seem to be over.
Issues are coming up.
Without complaining and still hoping that the S is as good as we all hope(d); here are my No,No's which if not addressed will lead me to walk away.....

1. Door handles
2. Sunroof bar
3. Creep

My door handle issue is that sometimes it simply doesn't work-- the handle does not extent when touched. I touch it and nothing. Touch it again, and nothing, nothing, nothing. So I simply go retro and push the button on the and it works. No big deal.

And YES, it would be great if just extented when you approached the car. My Prius would light up and unlock when I got within a couple of feet. Seems easy enough to program.

it can be done, but it's a sensitive balancing act keeping the car from moving forward or backward. and it depends on how steep the hill is. it creep backward even on an incline too small to even notice. Kind of a pain, but you get used to it.

Although, if one lifes in a very hilly area, it's may be a bigger problem. Like driving a stick where you have to be really fast moving your foot from the brake to the accelerator.

I have a Roaster as well, and for some reason, it does have as much if any at all.

Thanks Tomas, I know even in an ICE it can be a sensitive balancing act and practice makes perfect. I'm very happy to hear that it can be pulled off and luckily, I don't live in a very hilly area. I do visit San Francisco from time to time however and yea, it's pretty hilly! :D

I can't wait to be a paert of the large Beta test! Loved driving the car in San Jose Saturday! With CA gas prices, I am still on board...

Did you try left foot breaking ?
Does it actually work, i.e. does it let you push the accelerator at the same time with pushing breaks ?


It's "brakes" and "braking".
This was discussed, I believe, at some length wrt safety. There was a 3 (?) second delay, then the brakes overrode the goose pedal. There was some suggestion this lag would be reduced.


Regarding your motion sickness: do you experience this only with motion? What happens when you sit in the car but don't drive? I'm wondering whether you might be sensitive to something in the car's interior.

The "door handle" issue is thus:

I have had VIN 76 for three weeks now and the door handles are very glitchy. You may not think its a big deal until you can't open any of the doors, fob or no fob, and have to climb into your car via the rear hatch. Not fun.

There are two problems currently:

Handle presentation. This is where the door handle extends so you can use it. Mine only extend once the driver's side is triggered first. Also, some don't extend at all sometimes unless I use the fob.

Second is the opening of the doors. The driver's side went out first, then started working again. And then once all of the doors decided not to open. Please note that they were having these problems the day I picked up my car and swapped out the driver's door handle thinking that was the problem.

Obviously they were wrong and have yet to come up with a fix for it 3 weeks later. Still waiting for a call with the fix. Personally, I think its a circuitry problem in the processor that controls all of the doors, rather than this door handle or that door handle.

I am well aware that we are all beta-testers in a new electric world and this issue will resolve itself before most of you get your cars. I'm certinaly not giving you mine. They can have my electric car when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

Michael S, thanks for the update. Very interesting and surprising. After 10 weeks we have had no problems with our door handles (not counting a couple of key fob inspired snafus). Wonder what changed?

@Michael S | OCTOBER 8, 2012: You may not think its a big deal until you can't open any of the doors, fob or no fob, and have to climb into your car via the rear hatch.

What about clicking the fob 2-times to open all the windows and then using the door latch?

You'll be happy to know that creep has now been added. I just got release 1.13.16 tonight and it included the creep feature. It is pretty mild compared to most automatic transmissions in idle but my driveway is on an incline and it causes the car to hold rather than roll backward like it does without creep enabled. On level ground it creeps very slowly.

Oh, and regarding the pano roof bar, I personally am not a fan of sunroofs or moonroofs for that matter. I have and have had several of them and don't use them hardly ever and consider them more likely to let in noise or whether than to provide any enjoyment. I had a Porsche Carrera Cabriolet which I enjoyed and almost always had the top down but the sunroof seems more like the bad of top down (noise, weather) without the good of being all the way down. I went with the solid roof and love how quiet the car is on the highway.

Also, regarding opening all the windows with the fob. Mine is not a double click. A single press and hold on the top button causes all four windows to go down. Double click is how you unlock the car and single click and release is how you lock it.

Adjusted top 3 deal breakers:

1.(and firmly 1) Door handles (Thanks Tomas)
2. Sun/moon roof bar
3. Rear vision views and distortion

MandL: On a hill, can you use your left foot on the brake and then use your right one on the accelerator. Release the brake at the same time you press the accelerator?

cerjor: I suppose I could, but I have never been able to operate a brake with my left foot. It's like writing with my left hand. All jerky and uncomfortable. You can hold it with a light touch on the accelerator. Takes a little practice.

@cerjor: Very bad idea. Let foot is clutch foot and otherwise should not be used for driving.

@Rod and Barbara: Just my luck, I guess. If something's not going to work, its not going to work for me.

@Alex K: I did not know of the window function. I will try it now.

@gimp_dad: Will try you method, as well.

(I wish Tesla would have told me about that function at some point themselves).

@gimp_dad: Your method worked. Thanks.

@Michael S: +1 "They can have my electric car when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers."

Also @Michael S:

Very bad idea. Let foot is clutch foot and otherwise should not be used for driving.

Let's not be dogmatic. After all, there are a lot of people who would say, "Bad idea. Batteries are just for starting an ICE and should not be used for powering the wheels."

There is no reason one can't use the left foot for the brake on hills. I've done it many times and it has not resulted in any harmful effects that I'm aware of. Sometimes we must unlearn what we have learned.

+1 tesla.mrspaghet...

I've had some big ICEs without hill hold in the past, and I certainly used my left foot to assist in starting on steep hills in order to prevent rolling backward (I lived on Russian Hill in San Francisco for 10 years, so I did a lot of hill driving). I used it in much the same way I used the emergency brake in the same situation for my manual transmissions.

I agree that, in general, the left foot is to be eschewed when driving an automatic. But I do grant myself absolution during startup on a hill.

The biggest problem I see with the 2 foot manual hold down the break with the left foot method (that was a mouth full), is that in an ICE, you can hear the engine rev and so you can adjust for when you think the car has enough UMPH to push it up the hill. You don't get that audio feedback in the Model S.

brake, sorry!

Not sure there is a difference between hill hold and creep mode. My driveway has an incline although not super steep but used to cause the car to roll backward before creep. Now with creep enabled it holds from rolling backward. Not sure how else to tell.

gimp_dad, creep works fine as a hill hold on slight inclines. On a steep grade however, that car will still roll backwards with creep enabled. This is where Hill Hold comes into play. On my Rav4 when I depress the brakes extra hard, the car goes into Hill Hold mode for a few seconds until I hit the accelerate enough to overcome the steep grade and send the car moving forward.

Just press the brake with the left side of you right foot. When you want to go, twist the foot so the right side presses on the accelerator before the right side lets go off the brake pedal. Then slide the foot all the way over to the accelerator.

New Software enables creep mode (it's optional so you can turn it off if you don't want to have creep). Bill Lee (a Founders car owner) posted more info about the most recent update. This is the kind of thing Tesla will be able to do to improve the Model S (and all their future models) on an on-going basis.

Should be fairly straightforward for the electronics to employ the accelerometer to detect flat/slope when stopped, and to then do either creep or hold as appropriate.

vouteb, the original post seems a bit melodramatic for small issues.

-If the door handles really have problems like Tomas described, then I agree it's a significant problem and hopefully it can be fixed with an update.

-The other two issues just don't seem like that big of a deal. The sunroof bar isn't visible from the outside unless you're squatting down and looking up into the car at the ceiling.

From the inside, I guess you might notice it when you're getting in and out, maybe, but really, people sitting in the front aren't going to be looking at it. It seems like a minor concern. I can understand making criticisms. The car isn't perfect, but seriously, the roof bar makes you want to walk away?

-As for the creep, well as I'm sure someone has mentioned, they are adding it with their latest update. And I think it's great to have the option if people want it. This is what's so great about having so much software integrated into the car. However, even if it wasn't there, I think it would be a wierd thing to complain about.

Only automatic transmissions have creep. There is no reason to expect that an electric car should have creep or that Tesla somehow got it wrong. Creep in an electric car is artificial.

@ olanmills

Thanks for that

agree with most but the last

The S is not (only) competing with electric cars but all cars, if they want to be successful it needs to beat the likes if BMW,Jaguar etc.

There're different dimensions of "beat". Some are relevant, some not.

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