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Top Ten reasons you purchased a Model S?

1. 100% electric
2. Range
3. Charge via my solar panels
4. Style
5. Robust power
6. American made
7. Superchargers
8. Tech
9. App
0. Dazzling interior

I have only 5, sorted by priority:

0. Helping EV revolution. This car cost 3 times more that I would ever spend on any ICE car
1. Clean
2. Instant torque
3. Quiet
4. Touch screen UI and other tech
5. Cool looking

Only one:
It's a Tesla

1. Performance
2. Performance
3. Performance
4. Seating for 5 + 2
5. Electronics/gear/tech
6. Great cargo space.
7. Quiet/smooth ride
8. Style/external appearance
9. Made in hometown, by my peeps!
10. Electric/environmental

performance x 3 - exceptional acceleration without much interest in top speed; performance for class of car --> drives like a lambo in family sedan; overall performance value (cost vs. performance and size is unmatched by any car).

I like your reasons and I'll add my main one:

Because I want to see Tesla succeed well beyond Gen 3.

I live in the Bay Area too.

Dazzling interior - ha, no it is not dazzling... but that is the beauty. In contrast to other current choices it doesn't look my great grandmas cluttered living room.

Only one (or maybe two ) reason: it is Elon Musk's product AND nothing is better.

4. Style
5. Robust power
8. Tech
0. Dazzling interior
1. 100% electric
9. App

1. Reduce my carbon footprint and support electrification of transport
2. EV range (frequent 100-180 mile trips)
3. Performance (reviews by Motor Trend, Automobile Mag, and MS owners on the forums)
4. Utility (cargo volume)
5. Style
6. Tech (apps, 17" touchscreen done right, over the air firmware updates)
7. Direct & no haggle purchase model
8. Superchargers
9. Locally manufactured (support good paying local jobs)

The Consumer Reports 'best car we ever tested' 99 out of 100 destroyed the last of my resistance to paying $90K for a car, about 3 times what I usually spend.

CalDreamin +1

1. Instant and much power under your foot
2. Fantasized about electric cars since I was a kid.
3. Feels exciting to try something new and different
4. Quiet and smooth
5. Looks cool
6. Consumer reports rating 99/100
7. Save oil and power in general
8. No need to deal with a dealer
9. Roominess
10.3rd row of seats

1. Complements my sustainability lifestyle objective
2. complements my solar panels
3. It's an EV with range
4. It is an absolutely beautiful and incredible performing vehicle
5. I made a solemn vow after BP oil spill I would purchase an EV and walk away from ICE vehicles forever
6. Super charging stations make longer traveling a reality
7. Believe in Elon Musk's vision to push EV's and solar panels.
8. Doing something positive to reduce carbon dioxide emmissions
9. Made in USA
10. Best car ever, why wouldn't anyone want this car?

For me it is the all around package:

  • Better performance than an M5/Ferrari/Porsche/...
  • Smoother than a Bentley
  • Better safety than a Volvo
  • Better economy than almost anything
  • More room than an SUV or mini van
  • More stylish than a stylish person on a "how to be stylish" course (to paraphrase Blackadder)
  • And by the way it is electric, and gets greener and more economical with age.

I usually describe it as the "most spacious, most economic, safest, most highly performant sedan on the market"

1. 100% EV
2. Best human interface of any vehicle (understatement)
3. No compromise on styling and quality compared to competitors
4. Performance

1-4 were essentially equal in my ranking

5. Range
6. 5+2 seating (family of 6)
7. Cargo space!
8. Direct, web, no haggle purchase
9. Consumer reports (BEST)
10. Safety rating (BEST)

11. Love the sound system volume that goes to 11!

Finally, 12. The visceral feeling you get when you drive it, or when I see one on the street. IMHO: The only product comparison I have is back when I first used an iPhone... every other vehicle looks like a flip phone now. I would also have to include the Macintosh back in 1984, it was a clearly different experience.

This will probably change the specs on most other vehicles starting next year. Wouldn't be surprised if the big screen replaced a lot of buttons (way too many hardware buttons!).

1. best car on the market from safety and design to millenium falcon ride feel
2. drives like a rocket to mars
3. basically rids the planet of the illuminati if there was one
4. helps people see what their dollar can really buy, hopefully gets others to stop accepting less.
5. no gas
6. will rid our world of gas
7. will rid our world of the power structure surrounding oil
8. every purchase supports gen 3
9. can't buy a 2nd one until you buy the 1st one
10. kicks ass
11. goes to 11

1. Fast. Love the instant torque off the line
2. Eco-friendly
3. Almost free to operate (solar panels)
At the pace I am driving my p85+ is equivalent to owning a $30,000
car with gas payment
4. I can show up at my job with $100,000+ car without getting dirty
looks from my clients
5. Nice looking car
6. Space in the trunk and frunk
7. Quiet
8. Seating for 7!
9. Love the gadgets inside
10. Did I mention it was fast?

1. Getting into the California carpool lane. #1 by a mile.
2. Practicality - I have 3 kids and I'm anti-minivan.
3. Peer pressure - There are probably a hundred Tesla owners at the large tech company where I work.
4. Great support - free charging stations at work.
5. Many supercharger stations nearby and along the road trips I would take.
6. Perfect weather in NorCal for a battery-powered car.
7. Tech features.
8. Being at the bleeding edge with my automobile.
9. The environment.
10. Did I mention the carpool lane?

1. 100% electric (and in Seattle, a 98% clean power city)
2. Best ever crumple zone up front.
3. Sufficient range for general use and, with superchargers, weekend trips
4. Admirable re-design of the sedan-hatchback.
5. Tech expansions (17", software updates)
6. Avoids usual car dealers
7. Many fewer parts to go wrong.

- overpowered x2
- interior too minimalist (lacks grab handles, sunshade for pano)
- car too wide.

1.) Boredom - Lack of anything else on the Market that I found exciting

2.) Laziness - Just don't want to fill up on my way to work.

3.) Gluttony - Did I really need a Tesla MS? Not really.

4.) So I can shrug when the Safeway Clerk tell me I have X number of points for gas.

5.) Not having to think about paying for gas when going somewhere.

6.) To be a part of something groundbreaking. Very few times in a persons life can they really contribute to a revolution.

7.) To correct the average watt/mile for all the 60KW owners. I'll take care of removing the efficiency win they currently enjoy over the 85KW.

8.) To get something for free. Sure I know I paid >$80K for a car, but its always nice to get something for free even if they're just electrons. No I won't drive 40 miles out of my way for it, but I'll make up excuses to go on road trips.

9.) I have to own one to really have the right to give Tesla a hard time. I'm always the biggest critic of the things I love.

10.) I needed a way to stop time so I could finish up some projects for work. Ordering a Tesla seemed like a great way to do that.

11.) I always wanted a Spaceship


- Risk
- Frustration with the web site gimmicks and limitations
- Growing Pains of Tesla (constant price adjustments, etc)
- How long it took to decide between 60/85, Air/Standard, and Blue/Red.
- Way larger than what I'd normally drive. Doesn't feel so big while driving it though. I figure I'll get used to it.
- Will take awhile for the features I want to be implemented in SW. I did wait till 5.0 that brought a bunch of stuff I wanted.
- SW bugs that while entertaining are a bit puzzlingly.

Oh, I forgot the things that were necessary to lower the barrier of entry.

1.) No Sales Tax (WA State)
2.) $7500 Tax Credit
3.) Tesla Resale Guarantee

Did I mention superchargers? It is pretty silly because I might use them a dozen times a year, but they played a HUGE role in pulling me in. I blame the people in the Tesla User group for posting pictures during construction of local superchargers.

1. Gas free
2. Fun, fun, fun to drive.
3. Beautiful
4. Early adoption of new tech, to be part of the Tesla revolution.
5. Mid-life lollipop

American made
100% Electric
Tech that is years ahead of anything else
Fun as hell to drive

10. The guy next to you at the lights asks you to roll down your passenger window and asks " Is it fully electric?" Really Cool.

Bit puzzled by "are a bit puzzlingly". Puzzlingly what? ;/

Too cheap to buy gas
Believe burning gasoline is bad for the environment
Wanted reduced complexity over an internal combustion engine
Unhappy with traveling to the future at one second per second.

The last one was critical. Ever since I was a kid, I've read science fiction, and I'd like to get to the future while I'm still young enough to enjoy it!

The fact that the car looks cool was enough to make me stand in line for two years. Best thing I ever purchased.

1. no gas pollution
2. Fast
3. superchargers
4. As a big F U to Mitt Romney and idiot Republicans who want EV's to fail and whine about government help while supporting oil subsidies.
5. early adopting fun
6. Safety
7. Pano roof
8. ease of home charging making normal driving less of a hassle than before
9. I phone climate apps
10. It goes to 11

For me? There was no list.

With this machine, that far, far better future ... has now begun.

100K to invigorate hope is the deal of the century.

I ordered mine last February, so obviously I never got a chance to drive one and many of the specs weren't finalized. Here's why I placed my order:

1) I knew this was next step in the evolution of the automobile and I wanted to be part of it.
2) Styling
3) Electric (environmental reasons)
4) Electric (engineering reasons)
5) Promised to be Fast/powerful
6) The 17" console and all that it promised
7) All that space! SO PRACTICAL!
8) Made in the USA
9) Panoramic sunroof

After I've gotten out of it, here are other reasons I would have bought it had I known these things when I decided to buy the first time:

1) The power and performance - the instant torque far more exhilarating than I expected.
2) The quiet acceleration that allows me to floor it at every opportunity without feeling like a d-bag
2) Safety!
3) Internet radio (slacker)
4) Software upgrades
5) Helping Elon Musk change the world
6) Being part of Tesla community
7) The attention from admirers
8) Consumer reports/Motortrend acclaim
9) Anti-range anxiety that comes from having a "full tank" every day
10) The app

And last, but not least:
11) Owning a Tesla makes me feel smart. Like I've made the only rational decision that can be made and others are just taking longer to come to that conclusion. Like having the professor ask a really tough question and watching while everyone else furls their brows and furiously scribble out equations while I wait for everyone else laboriously arrive at the only possible conclusion.

@sharpe222 It was such a positive thread until your #4. You couldn't have made it OPEC?

In no particular order

said it couldn’t be done
breaks the mould (c.f. iphone)
neighbors don’t have
we wants it
it’s my birthday
midlife crisis
large value for second derivative of distance
boss got cmax. CMax is lame.
minimalist interior

In the end I suppose it's a combination of great engineering and social forces.

1 reason - love at first drive

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